Time marches on…

22 May


And just like that…my baby is graduating from high school.  From Patrick’s First day of senior year…to Patrick’s Last day of senior year. Where did this year go?

first day of school senior year paddy


First day of senior year.

Patrick last day senior year


Last day of senior year.

Time marches on whether or not you are ready to join the band.  A brief glimpse at these past 18 years…Trust me, I have edited the number of pictures here in the interest of time. Both yours and mine. :)  Reminds me of a friend who would say (knowing I could be wordy)…”Be brief.  Please be brief”.   Yeah, not so much.  ;)

Scan POB May 2015 004

Scan POB May 2015 003
Scan POB May 2015 005

POB Yearbook 1 001

Scan POB May 2015 006 Scan POB May 2015 007 Scan POB May 2015 008

Scan POB May 2015 009

Scan POB May 2015 001Paddy 1


POB Football

large 1


POB 10th Birthday 005

Paddy and Mom


kev and paddy seal beach



SFO 005 Family



Patrick sophomore football0001







Meredith Graduation 017 cropped

mer paddy promIMG_6833


50 shades of spring break







going to miami




11224172_840952205975907_1308000490922594374_n (2)


Song of the Day:  Times of your Life, by Paul Anka – I seriously cannot listen to this song, without crying my eyes out.  What a way to start my Friday.  ;)

Here comes the saddest part
The seasons are passing one by one
So gather moments while you may
Collect the dreams you dream today
Remember, will you remember
The times of your life?


One week left till the actual high school graduation.  Where has time gone?  Less than three months till move-in day at Miami.  As I’ve mentioned before in regards to Meredith leaving for college, watching your child fly away from the nest is one of the hardest things a parent has to endure.  That being said, I could not be happier with the fine young man who Patrick has become.  I could go on and on, but I have three months in which to do so, before the “What does a boy pack for college”, will become the centralized topic of this blog.  Or better yet, “What does a Mom pack when she goes away to college with her son”. ;)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


Peace out, love and fun in the sun… and looking at the beginning of our Best. Summer. Ever!!









Not feeling very pretty about that loss to the Ducks.  Down 1-2 in the series.  Let’s go Hawks!!

No Prom-a in this Blog!

15 May


In honor of Prom this weekend…For Patrick, not me btw (which is super sad)…I am posting about Classic Prom Movie Moments.  Only 5, as this shall be a short and sweet blog.  You are welcome LAP!

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!  I’m only posting a picture and not a video clip.  Again, keeping it short and sweet.  But because I aim to please, I am posting a link that will give you video clips of these and other classic prom movie moments.  #BestBloggerEver #Dressed #DressedtoaT


Pretty in Pink – I hear they re-filmed the movie end to give the viewers the happy ending (movie-ending) they wanted.  It’s okay to be just best friends.  #TeamDuckie


Never Been Kissed – 2 words.  Michael Vartan.  I rest my case.


Footloose – featuring one of the greatest dance scenes, ever.  Well next to Dirty Dancing and Flashdance!


Mean Girls – when girls become nice again!  I am always nice.  Always.


Carrie – First scary movie I believe I ever saw.  It still haunts me.


To check out video clips of these, and others, you may find them here Greatest Prom Scenes.



10 Prom Essentials



May I add to this list.  Blister block.  Try Friction Block by Bandaid.  Find it in the first aid section at your drug store. Or you can use a gel deodorant in a pinch.  Try and get the trial size to stash in your purse.  If your feet aren’t happy, you won’t be happy.   Trust me on this.





Flip flops or Fast Flats, to give your feet a rest from those high heels.  This is for the girls, not the guys.  ;)






—Super glue (for any fallen beads or sequins or, *gasp* a broken heel)
—Tide to go (for wayward food stains)
—Safety pins (for boutonniere and corsage emergencies)
—Dress tape (if you’re wearing a slippery ensemble)



Song of the Day:   Green Day, ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’
So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial
For what it’s worth it was worth all the while

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.

I had just about the best Mother’s Day weekend, ever…and the topper was my breakfast buffet, complete with Veuve, waiting for me when I woke up.  Best. Kids. Ever.  #Veuve!  #Veuve!!


To all the young adults heading out to prom…Life is Short. Make good choices.

Prom pictures to come.



Peace out and Cheers to Friday!!



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Style Charts which Every Woman Needs to Know and a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

8 May


Thank you Buzz Feed!  I was “hanging out” Thursday evening, 9PM, Cali time…when the feeling of dread came over me…Oh boy…tomorrow is Blog Friday!  How in the World does one not have a “ready blog” for Friday…when one has over 100 blogs “in the hopper”?  I’ll tell you, it’s Easy.  and I can blame that 4-letter word.  Life.  ;)  In my own defense, 100 blogs “in the hopper” does not a publishable blog make!

Again, thank you Buzz Feed for providing me with a timely, useful and snappy blog.  Some of these style charts I’ve featured before but some are brand new.  I predict this blog, like the blog, Stylish Things to Know, will be one of my most read blogs.  At least it should be… because there are some very important things to know!


1. First things first: It’s not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

First things first: It's not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

2. Here’s how to find your “golden number” aka the perfect dress length for your body.

Here's how to find your "golden number" aka the perfect dress length for your body.

3. Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

4. And how to mix patterns and textures.

5. Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

6. And style your stripes.

And style your stripes.

7. Become a print-mixing pro.

Become a print-mixing pro.

8. Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

9. Here’s how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

Here's how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

10. And an A-line from a little shift dress.

And an A-line from a little shift dress.

11. And here’s what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

And here's what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

12. Every collar ever.

Every collar ever.

13. Get a great shirt cuff every time.

Get a great shirt cuff every time.

14. And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

15. Know your bolero from your shrug.

Know your bolero from your shrug.

16. And your car coat from a duffle.

And your car coat from a duffle.

17. Here’s how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

Here's how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

18. Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

19. One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

20. The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

21. Make way for the best bra.

Make way for the best bra.

22. A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

23. Find the right dress shape for your body type.

Find the right dress shape for your body type.


24. For all those times you were like, “What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?”

For all those times you were like, "What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?"

25. It’s all about that A-line.

It's all about that A-line.

26. Find the neckline that’s most flattering for you.

Find the neckline that's most flattering for you.

27. And the sleeve you love most.

And the sleeve you love most.


28. Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

29. And shoe styles.

And shoe styles.

30. Have yourself a hat.

Have yourself a hat.

31. Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

You can buy a print here.

32. Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

33. Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

34. And the optimum length for each necklace.

And the optimum length for each necklace.

35. Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

36. How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.

How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.


37. Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

38. And then learn to pack like a pro.

And then learn to pack like a pro.

39. Here’s how to get your most accurate body measurements.

Here's how to get your most accurate body measurements.

40. Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

41. And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

Because ain’t nobody got time for laundry.  Best. Quote. Ever!

Twas but one year ago, this weekend, that Meredith graduated from college.  I mean, OMG…talk about time flying by.  Here’s a fall back Friday pic…or two!

mer in cap

Meredith Graduation 017 cropped

Note to self…we need new family picture.  Happily, we will have one at POB’s graduation… just 3 weeks away.  Again, OMG.  Seriously, this cannot possibly be happening.  Will we be empty nesters?  Even if a bird has come back to the nest?  Oh, and next weekend is Prom, so that will sure to be an upcoming blog, chock-full of Fabulous Prom pics…and no Prama, please!  Thanks Dr. Stevie, for coining that term.

Prama…ain’t Nobody got time for that!

Some Marvelous Mother’s Day Quotes



Song of the Day:  If you were here by the Thompson Twins – a little Sixteen Candles for this Friday!

But just like the rain
i’ll be always falling, yeah
only to rise and fall again

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  I miss my mother every single day, and there isn’t a day (or hour) that goes by that I don’t think of her.  And being a mother is not just about blood.  It’s about love.  Thank you to those who have shown motherly love to me since my mom has been gone.  <3 <3 <3


On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am feeling so very lucky and blessed that these 2 chickadees call me, Mom…and I love them very, very much.

Mer and Paddy SB 2008

Falling back to South Beach in 2008.

Mer and Paddy before Gejas

Dinner the night before Meredith went back to college in 2012.

mer paddy prom

Just about a year ago this weekend.  Mer’s first week back home!  Just a casual night out. ;)

Happy Mother’s Day! :)




Thank you. ;)




Source:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliegerstein/girl-you-look-good?utm_term=.fip0OdPVz#.rlnjLYqpE

Going to Miami!

4 May


It seems all of one’s senior year in high school, these seniors are constantly questioned by people asking them “where you going to college”?  Even as the parents, we are always asked the same questions.  “Has POB made up his mind”? “Where is Patrick going to college”?  “Where has he gotten in”?  The question on everyone’s mind.  Senior year in high school is all about that all-important decision, “where are you heading to college”?  I for one, as the mother of a senior, am Not ready for this decision.  Nor am I ready for my son, the baby of the family, to go away to college.  Life, however goes on, whether or not I am ready for it.  Whether or not we are ready for it.  And I/we  am/are not ready for it, btw.  However, the decision has been made.  Though Friday, May 1st, was decision day…


They had him at Hello.

For 2 years now people have been saying to Patrick, “Miami of Ohio has your name all over it”.  “That school was made for Patrick”.  “What a perfect fit for you”.  Only problem was, neither Patrick nor I ever visited Miami.  That changed in April.  Everyone was correct.  They had him at Hello.  :)

going to miami

Patrick…is Going to Miami!  Miami University, in Oxford.  Not, Miami, FL, btw.  Which is a common mistake.  My friend C said of Miami, “It’s what you would think Harvard looks like, but it doesn’t.  Miami is prettier”.  Miami is also “very preppy”, which matches Patrick “to a T”. :)  Good fit for a good boy.  Great fit for a great young man!!


Looks like he will also have a friend going to the same school. :)

Song of the Day:  Miami by Will Smith – Sorry, can’t help but pick this song, even though it’s the “wrong” Miami… and due to the crazy lyrics, I can only use one line.  #OhWell

I’m going to Miami, welcome to Miami


And what you all have to look forward to, is 4 months of me preparing, “what a boy packs for college”, “Terry goes back to college”, “My heart being ripped out of my chest” :), etc, etc, etc.


I think Patrick and I will both be very happy at Miami of Ohio. ;) #KIDDING  He leaves in just 4 months.  Less than 4 months, actually.  I hope it’s a long 4 months.  Gosh I hope so.


Even Maxie is getting into the Miami spirit with her Miami bandana. Speaking of  Maxie…today she starts 2 weeks of doggy school.  She’s sweet, but let’s just say she has selective hearing.  :)




Can’t even say this out loud without being all choked up.



Sooner or later…

A Horse Walks into a Bar…Derby Do’s and Derby Dont’s.

1 May


Hooray, hooryay the first of May!!  It’s a good Friday when I can start my blog with my favorite joke!  #KillingIt

I had another blog planned for today.  The good news is it means it’s going to be a Marvelous Monday with a special blog!  Not a MANic Monday blog, per se, but a blog about a special Man!  Best. Monday. Ever!

I was asked if I was going to blog about what to wear to the Kentucky Derby and my response was No.  It would have been a timely blog, since Tomorrow (first Saturday in May) is always the “most exciting 2 minutes in sports”….The Kentucky Derby!    Then I remember, that I aim to please.  I’m a #SavvyBlogger. I try to be timely.   And, quite frankly, Doctor Stevie has been spoon-feeding me Songs of the Day and since she inquired about the derby post, I have changed my planned blog and present to you:

All Things Derby!



The Lingo…because there Is a Lingo at the Derby!



Derby Do’s and Don’ts 










77460048ddfa8114a1fbbe67a92d7d4f e617156426201cd551d435291d5e1dc7 64bd6e5fcf543e21847579f3ac968038 9e2994652f533e7a5b36fc59a546a52b e044f3071ed9d0cb84b332b2f0eb6268



5196c463665576d91bddb49292b6334a 8405602e56a33f594b40f696367a18f7



DSCN3449 JPG (2)


Connie and Dave at The Oaks!

IMG_0916 (2)


Derby Day…due to rainy weather, Connie made last minute costume change to dress for the weather.  #SavvyDerbyGal




Vineyard Vines…Official style of the Kentucky Derby.  Well, fancy that!  Patrick certainly is pleased.




For the Men

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fb10bdc903c1196910f34646353377d1 e00b248e01d9e9699a0794773624eca8 13ee97aa79c2ff7b4a6a296780af1c83 a0c59d583f7cc516f50c16c7c641ec7d




The Betting Guide




Song of the Day:  Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Turnstall

I felt a little fear upon my back
He said “Don’t look back, just keep on walking.”
When the big black horse said, “Hey lady!”
Said, “Look this way, will you marry me?”

But I said no, no, no, no-no-no
I said no, no, you’re not the one for me


I’m not going to the Kentucky Derby, nor am I going to a Derby party (though I was invited…#Choices), however Arlington Racetrack opens this weekend and my favorite betting partner and I will be taking in opening day!  Throwing it back to one of my favorite times at the track, just missing a pic of me and one of my favorites, Carol!  Have swedish fish, will rock it at the track!  Best. Day. Ever!




May the best horse win. :)







c380ac4077a4fd5ea451b1ef65d44ef2 c480x270_35


632 ae3ee87be32f93a111f241429e190b1a 9e9ef9c05557bb12ae63fd6f8b924106 50aef0b0bcadc200f0ae91312b797e7f



8 Items you Must have in Your Work Wardrobe

27 Apr



Actually, I can dance.  :)  But I digress. :)

I work, therefore I am.  Ha, kidding.  But, I do work, but it doesn’t define who I am.  This blog defines who I am. Ha…kidding again, but it does make me laugh.  As do my jokes.  Not sure what defines me, but in terms of “work”  I am lucky to love what I do and love the people I do it with.  And I do love the fact that I can get dressed up for work.  Not while working out of the house obviously, but when meeting with clients, hotels, colleagues or going to meetings.  This article, from Levo, hits the nail on the head regarding 8 items you must have in your wardrobe.  And, since I am nothing if not consistent and love lots and lots of pictures in my blog, I found lots of pictures to use as examples.  While this article was Fantastic…it didn’t have nearly enough pictures, so I have righted that wrong!


8 Items you Must have in Your Work Wardrobe

According to The Wall Street Journal, the old-fashioned power suit look for professional women is actually dead. Women can now wear soft colors (even pink!), beading, prints, patterns and have feminine tailoring (peplum is all the rage right now)—all of which were once considered taboo in the workplace for women (let’s say a suit is a given for anyone whose dress code is business professional). We also worked hard to find items that come in a variety of prices.

 1. The black blazer

Navy works too.  A blazer can take an outfit from a 1 to a 100. It just automatically adds a layer of professionalism whether it be with white pants, jeans, or even shorts. Every woman, no matter where she works, needs one of these (Jennifer Aniston regularly sports one).


24fa6e5226f233fa5f0a8464e544ada8 (1) f662c73178fc64e43c3562ddb9979b9f


b5b03350da45be09694706d63478b09d e397395c887f51668831f578faf713b1 e93ce52a6937fa3627f0b40f57590f49 6ed819ed9d71dd8b885d279f90569054 da426fa5b7f71aa32c142fc28ec4eb14 e18dce986ad71b4061eef8c7f339acc8

2. The pencil skirt

Though we here at Levo tend to focus beyond the pencil skirt, we do recognize that it is an essential item and has been for a very long time. Fashion blogger Sarah Scoop wrote,“Every career-woman must have a pencil skirt in their wardrobe. This classic statement piece is versatile and can transform almost any outfit into business attire. The first color every woman should purchase is black. As you all know, black is virtually the easiest color to wear. It matches with almost anything and gives your silhouette a sleek look. By wearing black on bottom, you open up many opportunities on top.”

9ae204ecd16c6dd0f854a987af104a05 2c0cccab4bf1c210357cf9b3e62c82ce ce6a644a81d42f802b860d4b4d2c0a37

3. Black heels

Or as my colleague and office fashionista Kathryn Worsham says, “a great pair of pumps.” I am not going to lie. I think my legs look a lot better in a pair of heels and it does give me a different type of confidence than when I wear flats. I feel like I can stomp down a runway or dance like Beyonce in my heels. There is an immeasurable sense of power that high heels emote.

But in addition to looking great, heels can literally help your career. Career coach Marty Nemko wrote about shoe obsession disorder being a major benefit. He said women buy conversation-starting shoes which can be a great ice breaker for networking, as long as they aren’t too weird. If they cost a lot you can talk about that, and if they didn’t cost a lot you can talk about that. New research suggests that people can correctly judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personality just by looking at their shoes. “Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers,” according to a research paper titled “Shoes as a Source of First Impressions.” “Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear.”




3e08644ba28689964ca1770c996c7ed1 fca4343c560b31b072ebdefb3e604e70

4. A statement necklace

Now, a statement necklace can work in a variety of ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big, blingy, costume-jewelry-type necklace that is actually a statement piece (but that does work if it is tasteful). It could just be a strand of pearls. Of course, a pearl necklace is very expensive. But you can get some really great quality fake pearls. After all, pearls were Margaret Thatcher’s secret weapon.

1fe7cd1f61779109c5cabe76f2920565 0f9380824f4dbdc109adfdd5aa188277 e5362c5382dde72a2d78563ffbe377aa cceedda18c2877bd0ca4f6e7ce70eae0 9bbd92a51e3b269624c7c38bdc9ce8eb 3bc834f5c5575d6b3ff05266fabde0ee

5. A great bag

The statement bag is an essential power item. Now, it would be nice if we could all afford the Louis Vuitton speedy or a Birkin bag, but that is not the most practical starter career bag. But there are plenty of beautiful bags that cost less than an arm and a leg. You want to go for something big enough that it can carry what you need for work. When I say what you need for work, I mean papers and your computer, or iPad and maybe one pair of shoes—not what you need in case a meteor hits and you have to camp out for a week.

Black leather is always a great way to go, or brown or gray. Black and brown, though, can sustain a lot more dirt. Brands like Coach, J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Kate Spade should be considered.

6bf665e45a91a91a225ef80b9da37ccb 7c6e495153fa73c3e7f324911e82061e 9dae5f068af324d86129fcd3f7e3b4ac 5afa89a9125c09b013721dbecd81e9de 390b758da5a4ee09eea55b4eafa3e6a6 a922033bc4a279090ef502310230a89d d200a0097f354e417b77efd468b639aa

6. Power flats

So we just talked about how great heels were, but we think a pair of “power flats” can also make a bold statement. The “flat is making a play for power,” wrote Christina Brinkley. Flats can be considered a more modern alternative to heels. They represent the fact that women are constantly busy, constantly on the move, running from the boardroom to daycare, and they cannot afford to be slowed down by a stilleto. “We have these lives that are complex and busy,” Brooke Jaffe, fashion director of women’s accessories at Bloomingdale’s told The WSJ. “We walk all day. And there’s an expectation that you’ll look polished.”

6ec9570e4036ee62f0b75e41fdec5648 141b781615ab2a2ae04f1c0c676a0296 499b4c42f12761b1834c67a8cce774b9 c5ac3d2931f265c01b149c37fc72d900 16a0071f3de34f501ac8ddcd1915cdc3 c4ec1ce6090bb25720c19f3746842bbb

7. A crisp white blouse

Again, a blouse can be great with a suit but it can also stand alone beautifully. It’s clean, sharp and you can pair it with almost anything.

f35384ddedb7da7775a151fc1dc27ed7 d5f5befdce7f720c372cf587d0b697bf 62f992af05cbeaec02976f825957c9bd b4bc2ebdfea9f4319646ded9d5bf640f f6b35fe348b3b037f81511bd325c702d f0888c68e39b7ab3ad81003c45a6065b 894d7701fd3b1324e9f1f605037b780d

8. One item that makes you feel powerful

As the great Cher Horowitz once said in Clueless, “Lucy! Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal!?!! It’s my most capable looking outfit!”

We are all going to have different items of clothing that make us feel powerful. For some it may be a hot pink blazer, for others it could be a navy blue suit or a cashmere cardigan. “[Women] have edged out their standing in the world. Today, they don’t have to wear a suit jacket to prove their authority,” Giorgio Armani recently said. Wear what makes you feel powerful.


22fa385644be984773a83fdad5721036 7e42a0bc4bf2a4ff5950d1044d923399 018860e643e67b852f9c1821f5fa8882 477c930ec852d91a9d5a6494b347f670 bd75a879b7080cf0fd19c0c84d9b0612 281afa3e19848a514b75f04372b99954 fc1570c11c18a18644a817a524f9e24a ce8a3d91b84cd9a337c87e83b08d0e9e 35527934899bfd8c89eae136a3cdd246 48f4bf491db6d43ea660efea610b5294


Song of the Day:  Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.  I mean, words to live by!

Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me.
I said your holding back,
She said shut up and dance with me!
This woman is my destiny
She said oh oh oh
Shut up and dance with me

Speaking of dressing up, had fabulous birthday lunch celebrating one of my life long best friends, Lora.  The restaurant helped start things off right, by sending over a glass of champagne.  Best. Lunch. Ever!

Lora 2015 BD lunch

Have a Great week!



625413cae38cdabf5fbf7d8c24f46f84 0f1029133fbf30651e589d053c19792b 2380fefe0bafc1aba8debd91a78827d3 f3c3b6efa0ef4e18ded095745616d361

Source: http://www.levo.com/articles/fashion/fashion-items-musts-work-wardrobe


Eating Healthy in 24 Diagrams…and a Super Cute Promposal

24 Apr



I saw this several months ago and thought, I need to make a blog out of that, so I always know where to locate it. #Favorites.  I specifically was interested in the different Smoothies, but truly, this is Chock-Full of fabulous information.  I mean, bathing suit season is right around the corner.  #ShootMeNow


24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy


1. For fruit-ophiles.

Photos by Grace Hitchcock for PopSugar / Via popsugar.comSome diets require precision. Yes, even fruit portions.

2. For 5-minute dinners that are sure to be healthy.


3. For when you’re doing the caveman diet.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.comThis food guide will help you maneuver the Paleo way of life.

4. For picking the perfect avocado.

Northwest Edible Life / Via nwedible.comLook, ma! A life hack! More on this here.

5. For smoothies fit for royalty.

Lexi / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen / Via lexiscleankitchen.comSmoothies should be considered cheat food: they’re so easy to make, super healthy, and also taste amazing! Visit Lexi’s Clean Kitchen to read more about them.

6. For smoothies that you have no excuse not to make.

Daily Burn / Via dailyburn.comIt will almost be like you’re not even trying. And oh, did we tell you that there are 8 MORE healthy smoothie recipes that only use three ingredients? YOU’RE WELCOME.

7. For the new “It” food, the Mason jar salad!

Beth / Eat Within Your Means / Via eatwithinyourmeans.comYou can check out the recipe here. And because we love you, here’s more: 18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches.

8. For tea so excellent you’ll forget other liquids exist.

utilityjournal.comWhat’s a coffee? You can read about the various kinds of teas here.

9. For soup that’s healthy and oh so delicious.

Shape / Via shape.comImpress your mom without batting an eyelash: these soups are all just different twists to the same basic recipe. Read more at All Souped Up, via Shape.

10. For making the salad dressing of gods.

Kath Eats Real Food / Via katheats.comYour friends will constantly hound you for the recipes. Check out DIY Salad Dressing for more information plus a bit extra…yummy salads!

11. For when you’re treating your lovely self to a night in.

Greatist / Via greatist.comWho says cooking for one can’t be fun? Throw away those frozen dinners, stat! You can find the recipes at The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List When You’re Cooking for One, via Greatist.

12. For yummy-fying grains.

PopSugar / Via popsugar.comThere are other grains aside from rice and quinoa, people! Push the envelope and make it your resolution to try more of them this year. How to Cook Grains atPopSugar will teach you more.

13. For making “guesstimation” of portion sizes a thing of the past.

Guard Your Health Campaign / Via guardyourhealth.comDid you know that your hand is the easiest way to measure a half-cup or three ounces of your food? Yaaaaaaas.

14. For vegetarians looking for other sources of protein.

greatist.comThat means all vegetarians. Info, recipes, and more recipes at at 12 Complete Proteins Vegetarians Need to Know About, via Greatist.

15. For spotting the hidden sugars in your food.

Women’s Health / Via womenshealthmag.comSugar is a clever little thing, and most Americans get way too much of it (between two and three times the recommended amount!). So get informed, read through the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting any more than you should. Check out 56 Different Names for Sugar, viaWomen’s Health for more.

16. For knowing your nuts.

For getting your nuts straight.

Life by Daily Burn / Via dailyburn.comThese make really healthy snacks! You can put them in little Zip-lock bags to munch on throughout the day.

17. For the definitive ranking of all the veggies.

pinterest.comTreat yo’ self! To only the healthiest vegetables, that is.

18. For DIY hummus that’s as awesome as your Lebanese college roommate’s grandmother’s.

Shape / Via shape.comOkay so maybe her recipe is still waaaay better, but at the very least it’ll make you feel more Bohemian. And give you lots of hipster cred, too. Pop over to 13 Different Ways to Make Hummus for more.

19. For marinating your meat to utter perfection.

BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.comCome on, we all know marinating can make or break a meat recipe. Get your meals closer to restaurant level by reading How to Marinate and Make Better Food.

20. For substituting bad ingredients with the good.

For healthy recipe substitutions.

Greatist / Via greatist.comGood news for all sweets lovers: You can still make and eat the fluffiest, yummiest baked desserts without the self-loathing that comes afterwards. Congratulations! More about these here: 83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, via Greatist.

21. For fans of salad in search of more adventure.

Prevention / Via prevention.comIf you’re the type who lives, breathes, and eats salads, but are tired of having the same thing errrday, then this is for you: Salads That’ll Make You Love Lunch Again, via Prevention.

22. For when you want to be up close and personal with your vitamins.

hellawella.comGet intimate with your letters.

23. For remembering the superfoods alphabet.

For remembering all your superfoods.

Greatist / Via greatist.comToo, too easy. You can do this in your sleep. Find out more in detail at The Healthiest Superfoods, A – Z, via Greatist.

24. For proper superfood storage.

For how to store all your healthy foods.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com


So yes, long blog, but it’s all great info.  Best not print this out, as it could be reams and reams of paper!

Song of the Day:  Beer in Mexico by Kenny Chesney…Throwing it back to my Puerto Vallarta trip.  I was first introduced to this song by Kim, yoga instructor-extraordinaire and my birthday twin, in one of her fabulous playlists that she’d make for me monthly.  Truly, Kim and Steph have helped keep me current with music, otherwise I’d just be featuring ELO, Earth Wind and Fire, and Build me up Buttercup.  Speaking of Beer in Mexico, I’m stunned it doesn’t have more than 1M views on YouTube.  #Crazy

Too old to be wild and free still
Too young to be over the hill
Should I try to grow up
But who knows where to start

So I just …
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Do my best to waste another day
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Let the warm air melt these blues away



What a great way to jump start the weekend, last Saturday. Mer and I participated in the first leg of a 6-leg journey taking sweet Maia, a giant schnauzer who was rescued through HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue, from Chicago to Rockford to Dubuque to Des Moines and onto her forever home in Colorado.  #PayItForward Happy to report Maia is happily at home with her brother, Royal, in Colorado.  And Loving life. <3



We are still loving our sweet Maxie and have no plans to expand our dog family.  She begins 2 weeks of dog training next week.  Should be interesting…Then she is going to become a service dog.  Our service dog. :)  Maxie is below with her favorite pig…whom she tore apart and the sweet pig is no longer.


maxie and her pig


Speaking of Promposals, since they seem to be all over the news and you may check out last year’s blog for my take on those, https://dressedtoat.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/prom-and-promposals/, Patrick hit it out of the ballpark (if I may say so myself) asking Mary to Prom…Whale you go with me to Prom?… when presenting her with a Vineyard Vines bracelet and flowers.


She said yes. :)

Upcoming blogs:  6th Edition of My Favorite Things; Entertaining Terry; Things that irritate me; Spring Fashions and more Snark and Sass. ;)

Peace out,








Source:  http://pulptastic.com/24-must-see-diagrams-will-make-eating-healthy-super-easy/



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