Fall Bucket List

28 Oct


Because there’s more to life than baseball….Or maybe not. #FlyTheW


One additional item to put on your Fall Bucket List.  Rent, or buy, the Movie, Gleason.  Watch the inspirational and powerful true story #GleasonMovie now on digital! http://sonypictures.us/Gleasonest.  You can also buy it digitally from Amazon or rent it from Amazon.  It will be available on DVD, November. 1.  I urge you to see this movie.



Hoping we can add just one more item to this Fall Bucket List…Celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series!  There certainly is Not more to life than baseball when the Cubs are in the World Series.  I like Cleveland (or at least some of my favorite people live there)…but this is Our year.  #FlytheW

Game 3 tonight.  Cannot. Wait!


Let’s Go Cubs!!



p.s. – I am sooooooo over Joe Buck.  Seriously.  And so is everyone else I know.




We Are World Serious!

21 Oct



That’s all.


World Series Seeking Puppy sporting her Playoffs beard.


Just a couple of Cubs fans taking in Game 1 of the NLCS.  Cubs won.  Best sporting event I have ever been to.  And I have been to a few.  #JustSaying

So, apparently, I’m as much into baseball superstitions at the players.  So for Game 3, which went to LA, I was wearing my favorite grey Cubs t-shirt and the Cubs lost.  It wasn’t pretty.  For Game 4, I knew I could not wear the same grey t-shirt, so I decided to wear the same sweatshirt that I wore when my friend Connie took me to Game 1 of the NLDS, and the Cubs won.


This night and game were Epic.  I rarely use that word, but it was Epic.  I was wearing Kevin’s sweatshirt, which is about 5 sizes too big for me (and 4 sizes too big for Kevin), but the Cubs won, so this is clearly a lucky sweatshirt.  Also one of the best days/nights I can remember in a long, long time!


Game 4 drinking from the NLDS Champion cups!  #ItsThePlayoffsCup


Now I’m being held hostage by this sweatshirt.  When I took it off during Game 4 for the bottom of the 5th inning, the Dodgers scored two runs.  The sweatshirt went back on and the Cubs continued to dominate and we won 10-2.  #Magic  The sweatshirt is gonna have to stick around.



I had to crop this picture.  This is what I wore for Game 5.  With Poms.  Truly, looked like I was pregnant.  I’m not.  In my defense, I have indicated it is Kevin’s sweatshirt and it’s 5 sizes too big for me.  #It’sOnlyWeirdIfItDoesn’tWork.  #ItWorks .Cubs win Game 5, 8-4.  One more game then onto the WorldSeries.  #ItsAThing

Oh and Joe Buck is a nuisance to all Cubs fans.  WTH?  I am not a fan.  I’d like the record to reflect that.  And read that little article about how he almost lost his career due to an addiction to hair plugs.  And we have to listen to that guy call our game.  Ridiculous!



And the Bears were playing the Packers on Thursday night Football.  #WhoCares.  Apparently they lost 10-26.  #WhoCares


Bears game last weekend vs Jacksonville.  This was right at the start of the game.  Note we are wearing our W #FlyTheW stickers from the Cubs game the night prior. We still had hope.  Bears lost.  But props to the gal behind us who took a flattering photo.  #NoCroppingRequired

Let’s Go Cubs!!  One more to go!  Bring on the Indians!





These Texts Should be a Blog…Let’s Go Cubs!!

13 Oct


Once upon a time a couple of friends (two friends to be exact) were watching the Cubs play in Game 4 of the NLDS, playing the San Francisco Giants and were texting throughout the game.  This after staying up till 1:45AM the previous evening (or early that morning).  Because these two gals are their own biggest fans and feel they are funnier than anyone else they thought it would be fun to transcribe these texts.  This also shows my ability to describe a game to someone who is not watching..and you can see, I’m sure the other person felt like she was AT the game.  #ProbablyNot #FunnyAnyway  #NotMyFirstRodeo #NotAllAboutBaseball

These are those texts.

S – Stephanie

T – Terry


7:30PM – Tuesday, October 11, 2016

S – why do these games have to start so late?  I almost fell asleep waiting for it to start.

T – We will do it tonight

S – Ya baby

*** Cubs 3 up 3 down.  First inning.

S – I do not like this start at all

T – Have hope and BELIEVE!

S –


S – Yes!! I believe. I don’t like the intensity.

T – I agree. Much more on edge than normal.  At least I am.

***Baez gets big hit – (8:38PM)

S – Love that!!

T – Fan-F-ingtastic

S – Love that kid!!!

S – Go Cubbies!!  (9:09PM)

T – Jesus.  I just ate a cookie.  I don’t even like sweets!  Well.  And vodka.🙂

S – I hope you don’t throw it up.  I’m getting ready for some wine.  My heart is pounding.

S – I don’t like this one bit.  I submitted a request for a sweep.

T – Nor I.  Perhaps we were too cocky?  Nah!

T – Triple!!

S – Sweet Baez

*** Announcer indicates Baez is doing some “Cadillacing”.

T – A little “cadillacing”.


T – Got this book based on your rec. (9:20PM)

S – Have you started it?  It takes a bit to get into.  Give it a chance.

T – Nope.  Haven’t started it.  Waiting till I’m not engrossed in ducking baseball.

S – Lackey has a horse face.

T – A horse walks into a bar.


S – Where do you get your nails done? (9:25PM)

T – Barrington Nails.  But I don’t love it there.  My friend goes to Paris Nails next to Jewel and is very happy there.

*** Call gets overturned Not in the Cubs favor.

T – I’m tired of how they can overturn calls.  (9:28PM)

S – It’s ridiculous

S – I really want a good pedicure.  Not a Barrington express special.  (9:30PM)

T – They have a $40 deluxe at BN.  20 minutes is a foot massage.  That’s why I go there.

S – Oh. Cool.  I think I’ll try that tomorrow.  (9:54PM)

*** Cubs are down 3-5 Top of the 8th.

S – Rally Cap Time.   (10:14PM)

T – Yeah. Totally  Sh*t








S – There isn’t enough wine in my house….


Giants Score 2 runs.  Up 5-3 bottom of the 8th.

S – WTF!!! (10:26PM)


S – Home run time Cubbies. (10:45PM)

S – Pretty Please.

Cubs down 3-5 Top of the 9th

Cubs score a run.  Down 4-5

S – So here’s the deal.  I turned the channel to watch Modern Family because I couldn’t take the stress.  I have missed every hit and just switched back to see the status.  So I’m going to stay on Modern Family.  It’s the right thing to do.  #TakeOneForTheTeam (10:47PM)

T – Since you’ve asked so nicely.  Wouldn’t a grand slam be f-ing fantastic?

T – You stay with MF

T – Tied game!

T – OMG!!!!

S – Fan f-ing tastic.  Fo Sho.  In the wise words of… “I ain’t afraid of no goats”


T – You stay with MF

S – Holy F!

T – Good girl.  I will keep you posted.

T – How’s Mannie?


S – In need of more wine.


T – The hard stuff

S – I’m being so unselfish.

S – It’s killing me.

S – I did turn my shirt inside out as well.

T – You need to do what you need to do.  We need this win.


S – I’m ALL in.

S – For the win.

T – For the win!

Cubs score up 6-5.

T – We r up!!! 6-5!!!


S – How many outs?  How many on base?

T – Baez got single.  Drive in David Ross

T – One out.  Baez on first.

S – I’m in love with Baez.  #Cougar

S – And Grandpa Rossy #ClassAct

T – Double play.  Bottom 9th

S – F***

T – Let’s go!!  Patrick says Tuesday is All about the Cubs!!

S – Sorry for the salty language.  I really can’t believe I missed all that.

S – Defense!!! Defense!!! Defense!!!

S – Who’s pitching?

T – They’ve brought in another one.  We r at commercial.  Hold please.

T – You cannot turn this on.  We are doing very well with you and Modern Family.

S – This is the Best. Game. Ever… That I haven’t seen the end of.  This sports fan is dying.

T – Chapman pitching

S – I hope he gets to 110 mph and they can’t see it.

S – 3 up.  3 down.  Pretty please?

T – 101

S – He’s unbelievable

T  He’s 6’7″.  1 out!!

S – And crazy long legs.  Take note.

T – Noted.

S – Who’s batting?

T – These texts should be a blog.

T – Span.  100 mph

S – And they will be. 

***And that is how the idea for this Blog was born.  #Brilliant #Cougar

S – Just need the perfect song

T – I gotta feeling.

S – That’s tonight’s gonna be a good night.

***This is not going to be the Blog’s song.

T – 2 outs!!

S – OMG!!! Who’s up?

T – This would be the largest comeback in post season history for a clinch game.

T – Belt.  He’s 0-4

S – Tell me when I can turn.

T – I will  (11:04PM)

T – TURN (11:06PM)

S – OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

***Cubs Win!  Beat San Francisco Giants to win the National League Division Series (NLDS) and move to the National League Championship Series!  Four wins from their first pennant since 1945, the Cubs will open the NL Championship Series at Wrigley Field on Saturday against the Los Angeles Dodgers or Washington Nationals. That match up is tied 2-all heading into the deciding Game 5 on Thursday.


T – So exciting!

T – This is for all those naysayers.

S – Theo looks like he’s so relieved

T – This team is unbelievable.

S – And Joe madden is a hottie.  Not gonna lie.  I hope he appreciates my sacrifice.  #ItsOnlyWeirdIfItDoesn’tWork

T – LOL!

S – I need to find a replay somewhere of the 9th inning.

T – I will find you a copy.  You took one for the team.

S – You’re the best.  I had to.

*** Cut to the Cubs celebrating and spraying champagne.  Wearing goggles.

S – We need ski goggles for the next time we drink Champagne.

S – Pete Rose is a hot mess.

S – What size suit do you think The Hurt wears?  Ginormous?

T – Digging the pink.  or purple.

T – Looks like frat party in locker room

S – I’ve only been to one frat tailgate ever.  Definitely wasn’t like that.  LOL

T – Chapman is a beast.

S – Abso-freaking-lutely


T – Does A-Rod have marbles in his mouth?

S – I believe so.  I’m not a fan.

T – Phone at 11%.  Off to bed.  (11:33PM)


T – Kris Bryant is my guy.  #Cougar

S – Frank Thomas probably smells really good.


S – Those Bryant baby blues.  #Swoon.

T – Like our boy William Floyd!



S – Exactly.  It’s a thing.


T – Get ready… You will be binge-watching Modern Family through these next two series.🙂



S – F that stupid goat.


And that, my Blog-Followers, is how this blog became a blog.  Because we really are that funny.  Or at least we both thought so as we both re-read our texts several times the following day and texted back and forth marveling at how “funny” we truly are.🙂  Sometimes it’s necessary to think about things that are not baseball.  #Books #Pedicures

Disclaimer – I have approval from S to provide this transcript.🙂  #Cougars


Well I look in the mirror – what the hell happened to me?
Whatever I had has gone away
I’m not the young kid that I used to be
So I push the hair back out of my face
That’s O.K., I knew this would happen
But I was hopin’ not today
Hey Baby, I’m not running anymore
But I’m on my way

I’m on my way
I’m on my way
I’m on my way
And I’m not running anymore


Pretty. Damn. Fun.

Let’s Go Cubs!  #FlyTheW  #FThatGoat.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Carolyn!  One of my life-long friends!








Send in the Clowns

7 Oct


Send in the Clowns.  Or don’t.  I mean, please do Not send in the clowns.

(CNN)It just had to be clowns, didn’t it? We couldn’t indulge in some good old-fashioned nationwide panic about, say, zombies or sexy teenage vampires. Nope, it had to be clowns and it had to be mere weeks before Halloween.

Thanks, America. This is just great.
Coulrophobia (n):

The fear of clowns. Not actually characterized as a psychological disorder, but completely understandable nonetheless.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rainbow novelty wig, you know communities around the country have been perturbed by sightings of clowns or possible clown-related threats or any manner of creepiness ranging from flat-out hoaxes to actual credible events.
People have been arrested. Schools have sent out warning letters. Social media is crawling with creepy, homemade clown videos. And it came up at the White House media briefing this week.

I find nothing more creepy in life than Clowns.  This creepy clown craze is Freaking me out.  Perhaps because I grew up in Chicago and was terrified of the horrors of  John Wayne Gacy, but I have never liked clowns.  Truly, not even a fan of Bozo, whom a friend questioned me on yesterday.  Not a fan.

Let’s move on from this obsession with Clowns.  One of my more favorite quotes from the Oxford, OH police department regarding the possibility of clowns moving about campus and terrorizing students at Miami University:

“We found a lot of people looking for clowns,” McCandless said, but no actual clowns. “Nationally it’s gotten a bit out of control.”

“A bit out of control?”  You think?




According to Rolling Stone, the sightings are part of a rapidly spreading epidemic of clown shenanigans taking place in the south and east coast areas of the U.S. Most often, the clowns wield weapons (whether they’re real or fake is undetermined), stare, whisper, gesture, or even attempt to lure adults and children into less inhabited areas. No violence has as yet been reported, but police have no idea who they are, what they want, or where they’re coming from.

Let’s move on to something that really matters… Go Cubs!  Guess who is going to the game tonight!  Thank you Connie! Cannot wait!


This is the Year!!  The entire city feels it!


The Chicago Blackhawks are rooting for the Cubs!


Even the Field Museum’s brachiosaurus is ready to #FlyTheW!

Go @Cubs!  And of course, Go @ChicagoBears!  I feel the need to write one more blog on Jay Cutler.  Coming soon to a blog near you!




This is not remotely funny!



This is Super funny!



Shake Your Booties

30 Sep



Fall is all about the Booties.  Like em or not, they’re here to stay…at least for this year and through next year.  Booties take a bit getting used to.  Do you get them with skinny heels, chunky heels, wedges?  Do you wear them with jeans, with a dress, with leggings?  Do you wear them tucked into your jeans or rolled up?  Some many decisions.  So many choices.

Speaking of Booties…it reminds me of a story.  Patrick was at a friend’s birthday party.  I believe he was 6.  The parents were kind enough to pick up my sweet son for the party and bring him home, because Kevin and I had an event to go to and my father was babysitting.  A few days after the party I received a call from the boy’s father.  Let’s call him “Al”.

Al – Hi Terry.

Terry – Hi Al.

Al – I need to bring something to your attention.  My wife said not to bother you, but I know you would want to know this.  When we were getting out of the car at the party, Patrick turned to my son (I’m not using names to protect the innocent) and said, “Your mom should shake her booty”.

Silence by me.

Terry – Don’t worry Al, the buck stops here.  I will handle this immediately and thank you for bringing Patrick’s inappropriate behavior to my attention.

Al – I knew calling you was the right thing to do.

Did I mention Patrick was 6?  He is currently a sophomore at Miami of Ohio and an honors student and on the Dean’s list.


Like son, like mother.  Never met a noodle we didn’t like!

Back to real Booties!



Taupe booties will be my standard for the fall.  I will angle towards chunky heels, because they’re better for walking about.  If I were to be out “clubbing” or out for many social occasions (which I will not be, but if I were), then I like a spikier heel.  The higher the heel the closer to God.🙂

Perfect Booties



I would wear every pair of those booties.  Every single pair!



Photo by Merrick White

Ways to wear your Booties:  Tucked; Rolled; Cuffed; Layered with socks and leggings; With Tights; Socks; Dress; with a skirt.  These are options.  Not all options will work for all.  I, for one, will not wear with socks, though will pair them with leggings.  I will wear with a dress, but only with peep-toe booties.  Probably not with a skirt, but fall is young!  Again, whatever you feel comfortable wearing, you should wear!

Bootie Looks I Love – I’m posting a lot of pictures here to give you many ideas, so you can’t say, “I would love to wear booties, but what do I wear them with?”  This is what I do, I peruse pictures, find looks I like and copy them.  Done and done!


This look, I love, love, love.

aed49ac8a79ea93fc2ab2128c51260d8 f01a806d1cc9ba87e18450eb66c6b898 main-original-600x0c 06b53b955c5efe800272e1a6384ceb71 28da9a94b7e32cf0413234df7a752037 53aca1cc4afc7869bb26a25f18241440 38def9ee280abe06c4f1cafb4ea2f7ce 3f8a1d89f06f8c95ee6517d8dbe1bd64

Army jacket… future blog post.  Will be my new “uniform” this fall.  With my cheetah booties.  Booyah!

9bca596f3294c520cc7a9ee34461a4b7 c60b5478ffe037cd1db28bd24d891d1e ae5bd0ccfdd9fe40c6d371f4832dedda f068e9b2868d71ffb3c40426b30beb2d 7432416d870a60990b5a159db2bc73ff 78ef0d03e0f31c85e64637d7724ae9c2 eeca05e8cecd3547c6de4b90773a8527 22f368c2f3a7cf500532bf10eb5b2195 d35f8343c9a35cacfb7f829bfcef256c f872fe8a405b401402b3a68e89d5b82b 7796ad41aa593d4138a1d65e13369425 77f18af16569beaa2102bba22ae10a71

Cuffing Jeans the Right way with booties

1791ac41faeed73300540396826b2627Socks or no socks?

For me, no socks.  That means your booties need to be broken in.  If they aren’t, you should use mole skin to line the problem areas and use blister block, to help keep those blisters at bay.  You can get mole skin and blister block in the foot care section of your drug store.

Ways to wear your jeans with Booties and Socks

socks_and_booties3 socks_and_booties2


Each of these looks seem polished.

Song of the Day: Situation by Yaz

Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without

Move out, don’t mess around
Move out, you bring me down
Move out, how you get about
Don’t make a sound just move out



MerMerPalooza – A brief recap

Cubs Rooftop

Open Bar (no hard liquor) and all you can eat food.

Picture perfect day.  72 and sunny

Great friends

Cubs lost

I received this text from Meredith the day after:


Best. Day. Ever.









Best. Day. Ever!

Have a great weekend!  I’m having lunch today with one of my very favorite people!  The Best. Day. Ever. continues!







Who am I kidding… I have a “squad”.


This is highly accurate.


Make sure you get my good side

23 Sep

When a birthday card becomes a blog.




You know what’s better than this actual card (which is pretty darned fabulous)?  How about the reaction of someone else when she saw this card!  We were at a lovely birthday dinner, celebrating three birthday gals, and were exchanging cards.  When C. saw this card that D gave me, she had the best response!

C:  “D – Why would you give this card to T. and not to me?”

And that is when a birthday card becomes a blog.

Mer Mer as Jasmine at Grammas

This young gal could have been featured on this card as well.  I am now relinquishing my birthday crown to my sweet, smart, beautiful and funny daughter.  This weekend is Meredith’s Golden Birthday!  My sweet baby girl is turning 25!  We will be celebrating with MerMerPalooza!  That will also be a future blog!

Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Mer Mer!





50 Practices for Living a Well-Designed Life

16 Sep


This makes sense!

So I am now in the throes of TerryPalooza and MerMerPalooza.  My anniversary, Paddy home for the weekend, Dinner at Joe’s, the ALS Walk for Life, My Birthday, Cubs Rooftop party and Mer’s birthday.  I can barely contain my excitement!


And…not to mention the Bear’s home opener is Monday Night!  What a great week!  Week one was week one.  One loss does not a season make. There are 15 more weeks of football.  I. Cannot. Wait!  Go Bears!!

Go Cubs!!  #ItsOurYear

Have a great weekend!  Team Kourage is in the house.❤




Every. Damn. Day