Eating Healthy in 24 Diagrams…and a Super Cute Promposal

24 Apr



I saw this several months ago and thought, I need to make a blog out of that, so I always know where to locate it. #Favorites.  I specifically was interested in the different Smoothies, but truly, this is Chock-Full of fabulous information.  I mean, bathing suit season is right around the corner.  #ShootMeNow


24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy


1. For fruit-ophiles.

Photos by Grace Hitchcock for PopSugar / Via popsugar.comSome diets require precision. Yes, even fruit portions.

2. For 5-minute dinners that are sure to be healthy.


3. For when you’re doing the caveman diet.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.comThis food guide will help you maneuver the Paleo way of life.

4. For picking the perfect avocado.

Northwest Edible Life / Via nwedible.comLook, ma! A life hack! More on this here.

5. For smoothies fit for royalty.

Lexi / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen / Via lexiscleankitchen.comSmoothies should be considered cheat food: they’re so easy to make, super healthy, and also taste amazing! Visit Lexi’s Clean Kitchen to read more about them.

6. For smoothies that you have no excuse not to make.

Daily Burn / Via dailyburn.comIt will almost be like you’re not even trying. And oh, did we tell you that there are 8 MORE healthy smoothie recipes that only use three ingredients? YOU’RE WELCOME.

7. For the new “It” food, the Mason jar salad!

Beth / Eat Within Your Means / Via eatwithinyourmeans.comYou can check out the recipe here. And because we love you, here’s more: 18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches.

8. For tea so excellent you’ll forget other liquids exist.

utilityjournal.comWhat’s a coffee? You can read about the various kinds of teas here.

9. For soup that’s healthy and oh so delicious.

Shape / Via shape.comImpress your mom without batting an eyelash: these soups are all just different twists to the same basic recipe. Read more at All Souped Up, via Shape.

10. For making the salad dressing of gods.

Kath Eats Real Food / Via katheats.comYour friends will constantly hound you for the recipes. Check out DIY Salad Dressing for more information plus a bit extra…yummy salads!

11. For when you’re treating your lovely self to a night in.

Greatist / Via greatist.comWho says cooking for one can’t be fun? Throw away those frozen dinners, stat! You can find the recipes at The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List When You’re Cooking for One, via Greatist.

12. For yummy-fying grains.

PopSugar / Via popsugar.comThere are other grains aside from rice and quinoa, people! Push the envelope and make it your resolution to try more of them this year. How to Cook Grains atPopSugar will teach you more.

13. For making “guesstimation” of portion sizes a thing of the past.

Guard Your Health Campaign / Via guardyourhealth.comDid you know that your hand is the easiest way to measure a half-cup or three ounces of your food? Yaaaaaaas.

14. For vegetarians looking for other sources of protein.

greatist.comThat means all vegetarians. Info, recipes, and more recipes at at 12 Complete Proteins Vegetarians Need to Know About, via Greatist.

15. For spotting the hidden sugars in your food.

Women’s Health / Via womenshealthmag.comSugar is a clever little thing, and most Americans get way too much of it (between two and three times the recommended amount!). So get informed, read through the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting any more than you should. Check out 56 Different Names for Sugar, viaWomen’s Health for more.

16. For knowing your nuts.

For getting your nuts straight.

Life by Daily Burn / Via dailyburn.comThese make really healthy snacks! You can put them in little Zip-lock bags to munch on throughout the day.

17. For the definitive ranking of all the veggies.

pinterest.comTreat yo’ self! To only the healthiest vegetables, that is.

18. For DIY hummus that’s as awesome as your Lebanese college roommate’s grandmother’s.

Shape / Via shape.comOkay so maybe her recipe is still waaaay better, but at the very least it’ll make you feel more Bohemian. And give you lots of hipster cred, too. Pop over to 13 Different Ways to Make Hummus for more.

19. For marinating your meat to utter perfection.

BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.comCome on, we all know marinating can make or break a meat recipe. Get your meals closer to restaurant level by reading How to Marinate and Make Better Food.

20. For substituting bad ingredients with the good.

For healthy recipe substitutions.

Greatist / Via greatist.comGood news for all sweets lovers: You can still make and eat the fluffiest, yummiest baked desserts without the self-loathing that comes afterwards. Congratulations! More about these here: 83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, via Greatist.

21. For fans of salad in search of more adventure.

Prevention / Via prevention.comIf you’re the type who lives, breathes, and eats salads, but are tired of having the same thing errrday, then this is for you: Salads That’ll Make You Love Lunch Again, via Prevention.

22. For when you want to be up close and personal with your vitamins.

hellawella.comGet intimate with your letters.

23. For remembering the superfoods alphabet.

For remembering all your superfoods.

Greatist / Via greatist.comToo, too easy. You can do this in your sleep. Find out more in detail at The Healthiest Superfoods, A – Z, via Greatist.

24. For proper superfood storage.

For how to store all your healthy foods.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed / Via


So yes, long blog, but it’s all great info.  Best not print this out, as it could be reams and reams of paper!

Song of the Day:  Beer in Mexico by Kenny Chesney…Throwing it back to my Puerto Vallarta trip.  I was first introduced to this song by Kim, yoga instructor-extraordinaire and my birthday twin, in one of her fabulous playlists that she’d make for me monthly.  Truly, Kim and Steph have helped keep me current with music, otherwise I’d just be featuring ELO, Earth Wind and Fire, and Build me up Buttercup.  Speaking of Beer in Mexico, I’m stunned it doesn’t have more than 1M views on YouTube.  #Crazy

Too old to be wild and free still
Too young to be over the hill
Should I try to grow up
But who knows where to start

So I just …
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Do my best to waste another day
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Let the warm air melt these blues away



What a great way to jump start the weekend, last Saturday. Mer and I participated in the first leg of a 6-leg journey taking sweet Maia, a giant schnauzer who was rescued through HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue, from Chicago to Rockford to Dubuque to Des Moines and onto her forever home in Colorado.  #PayItForward Happy to report Maia is happily at home with her brother, Royal, in Colorado.  And Loving life. <3



We are still loving our sweet Maxie and have no plans to expand our dog family.  She begins 2 weeks of dog training next week.  Should be interesting…Then she is going to become a service dog.  Our service dog. :)  Maxie is below with her favorite pig…whom she tore apart and the sweet pig is no longer.


maxie and her pig


Speaking of Promposals, since they seem to be all over the news and you may check out last year’s blog for my take on those,, Patrick hit it out of the ballpark (if I may say so myself) asking Mary to Prom…Whale you go with me to Prom?… when presenting her with a Vineyard Vines bracelet and flowers.


She said yes. :)

Upcoming blogs:  6th Edition of My Favorite Things; Entertaining Terry; Things that irritate me; Spring Fashions and more Snark and Sass. ;)

Peace out,










For the Love of Artichokes…

17 Apr


I have always liked artichokes.  I remember growing up my family would eat then on Easter while watching Song of Bernadette.  I believe my mom would boil them and serve with drawn butter. Tasty afternoon treat while watching the 3-hour movie.  :)



Fast forward a few decades and Meredith requested we buy some artichokes.  I planned on boiling them and serving them with drawn butter just like my mom did.  Oh, and the above photo is a stock photo… we did not have those square dishes and small ramekins.  Thankfully, I decided to do some sleuthing in finding the best way to prepare artichokes.  I believe I succeeded.  I am in no way a foodie, nor am I qualified to blog about food, but I can follow a recipe and have even been known to change it to make it my own.  Therefore, I am qualified to share a recipe that I think absolutely Rocks!


I found this recipe on Pinterest, and did my own variation of it, because I have a very strong aversion to garlic. Artichokes are now my new favorite vegetable, quite possibly replacing brussel sprouts.  Well, almost.


Trim and quarter the artichokes.  Cut down 1/3 down from the top.

Place them in a pot, covered with water and boil till tender.  About 20 minutes.

Put the quartered artichokes in a bowl (I didn’t allow to cool, but the original recipe suggests you do) and drizzle with Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese between the leaves with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a Dash of garlic powder. Just a dash.  The original recipe calls for garlic cloves, but there was no way I was doing that.  Then sprinkle Parsley on top of the bowl.

Place the artichokes on a hot grill, turning over until the cheese looks crusty.  This takes only a few minutes.  Remove them with tongs and they are ready to eat.  Or devour!

You can serve with melted butter.

I’m telling you, so, so delicious!!


Song of the Day:  Let the Good Times Roll by JD McPherson.  Yet another Fabulous recommendation by Dr. Stevie.   Quite frankly have never heard of this song, but it’s snappy and stays with you.  All day long.

Let the sky open up little darling, follow me when I go
Let the sky open up, let the good times roll
Why can’t you see I’m standing by the door

Let the good times roll.

Peace out.





Recipe Source:


Some Sass. Some Snark.

15 Apr


Because sometimes we just need to giggle…To my Twitter Trio who makes me do just that.   You know who you are.


An admirable quality, alright.


Truly, I would.

9c5394516b9ce73e4dd2f8e5638ffc11 7645cf62080cf98370013bc7c5043c70



LAP…at least you don’t wear yours with socks!  :)


I’m guessing Never…




It was really, really great!


No way…

a52f1694803cafeb92db01d0c2eff1b1 (1)

It is concerning…


Impossibly high, yet I still manage to do it.

e7c67d4beea8e25287d632d786de27b8 (1)


At least in my head it is.



It’s okay to have your own opinion.  Just be respectful about it and don’t speak smack about others.  Especially when you don’t know what or who you are talking about.  I may be nice and I may be sweet, but I will Never let anyone talk badly about my family.  Ever.  #FamousBlogger ;)

b4f1c2807330f0ce5b557449ba993c0a (1)

Works in most occasions.




This happens to be true.


I think not.

3c0c085a7d2bc9539946786236b77e36Age is a state of mind. Not a number. 

We never forget.  Anything.  Ever. But we do forgive.


Or 10:00PM if it’s a Neil Diamond concert.  #SweetCaroline #RockingIt


Seriously.  Facebook is not the time to Vent.  That’s what BFF’s are for.




I’m fun even without alcohol.  #DUH

0ca9b8566060c7f84e22d194a687c86b (1)



Best. Afternoon. Ever.

6ab8b1ab69252495e7ee5fd6618cafc6 (1)



It is frowned upon


Or I’m late because I didn’t want to come…

55c441cd4bf866ece5ced7dfab44b045 (1)



Oh well…


Not true.  Always a pleasure!


Or maybe I just put it in my screenplay?  #Oscars


A party in a box…or in a pinata


Why did the squirrel cross the road?  To prove to the possum that it could be done. :)


Or a Steven.


87b391ac40b85362db55803af6e78045 (1)

So true…




Happy, so happy.


Fun, fun, fun




And stay there, please.


Very, very true.







Or how many steps?  #FitBit

Song of the Day:  Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show by Neil Diamond.  In honor of the song I missed at the concert last night (It was 4th Encore song, btw and he played with No intermission) because I desperately needed to go to the restroom (or sneak out ;) ).  But I heard it while walking out. Thanks Murray and Shanon for a Fabulous night!!

It’s Love, Brother Love, say
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies
And ev’ryone goes, ’cause everyone knows
Brother Love’s show



Speaking of Brother Love’s…A very Happy, Happy Birthday to my brother Luke.  The oldest and perhaps the wisest of all the “K” kids!  Luke, showing the effects of not enough sunblock, while posing next to this blogger. :)




Best. Ecard. Ever.

In Honor of Baseball Season…I present, My favorite parking spot

10 Apr


Some people have asked for me to “share more about me” in my blog.  Not sure why anyone would want to know more about me, especially when I can write about Style and the Chicago Bears which I find much more interesting. I am not interesting.   But I do have some fun stories that I’m happy to share.  And, I do enjoy reliving fun memories, so I have decided to share some “Terry stories”, so I can laugh and giggle when penning my blog.  I will feather in some of these stories throughout the year.  To write them all in a week or month would be an embarrassment of riches.  And I am not rich. :)

My Favorite Parking Spot

I get invited to a lot of Cubs games.  A lot.  Upwards of 20+ games a year.  Typically corporate events and the majority at one of Wrigley’s Rooftops.  Which is a party on a roof, which happens to be within earshot and possibly eye shot of Wrigley Field. It’s not that I don’t like baseball, but if I’m going to spend 4+ hours at a sporting event, it should probably include a football, basketball, tennis ball or hockey puck.  Baseball would be #5 on my list of sports. The good news about the Rooftops is they have more restrooms per capita, than Wrigley Field has this week. #ZING


That being said, I do enjoy a fun party and attending these events is fun as well as a big party, so I have been known to partake in my fair share of games.  Wrigley Field is also a great place to take in a baseball game, even if you are on a rooftop and not inside the actual ball-field.   Second only to my all-time favorite ballpark, AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play (and win World Series…a tad different from my Cubs).  Have I mentioned that at AT&T Park they serve Stella and wines from Napa?  The Cubs serve Old Style.  Or Budweiser.  #Choices  #Decisions


Me and the kids at a game in San Fran last summer. :)  But I digress…

So, going to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play, can be super fun, but parking is a nightmare.  There is basically NO public parking around Wrigley Field.  You either have to park a mile away to find street parking and walk, which isn’t the worse thing in the world, but that also means to you to walk a mile back to your car and I prefer making things easier for me.  Sometimes it’s dark when you leave the game so it’s not always safe to walk a mile in a big city in the dark.  There isn’t a parking garage or a parking lot so if you are driving to a Cub’s game, you need to be “creative”.  Hence, how I found my favorite parking spot.


Surrounding Wrigley Field there are restaurants, bars and apartment buildings and condos.  Behind some of these buildings are alleys.  Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about, because I cannot get off on another tangent about alleys.  Yes, I will land this plane.  So… behind these apartment buildings in these alleys, are “residential parking”.  These residents have made it a business…a very lucrative business, to rent parking spots from anywhere from $20 to $40/game.  Probably up to $100/game if the Cubs were to be in the World Series, but we don’t need to worry about that (or didn’t until this year, because “This is our year”)>  The best part about these spots, is they are right behind Wrigley Field.  So, you can basically “rent” a spot from someone’s “home”.  This is a great option for me as it’s close and convenient.  The only issue is sometimes they stack the cars to get the most bang for their buck,  so unless you indicate you want “easy in and out”, and pay accordingly, you may be stuck until the person behind you gets their car.

Hello Lenny!

So a few years back (actually probably more than 3, because I was driving a Porsche Cayenne at the time, and I am on my 2nd car since that) I was driving to a Friday afternoon game, and was driving behind Wrigley Field looking for a parking spot (I wasn’t aware at the time that residents rented their spots out) and a man holding a sign that read PARKING $25 waved me over.  I unrolled my window and he asked if I was looking for parking.  Yes sir, I am.  He indicated he has a spot for $25.

Terry:  Is the spot easy out?

Lenny:  Yeah

Terry:  I know you say it’s easy out, but, I really need easy out.  I can’t be waiting 30 minutes for you to jockey cards around.  I’m a doctor and I’m on call, so it’s imperative I have easy out.

Lenny:  Yes, it’s easy out.  Follow me, Doctor.

Those who read my blog, know I am Not a doctor, but that’s neither here, nor there.  I like the option of leaving early, if needed, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  So I drove and followed Lenny to an absolutely fabulous spot. Literally 1/2 block from Wrigley Field.  I paid him $25 and off I went to the game.

True to being who I am and getting bored and missing my family and wanting to go home, I left around the 7th inning and walked back to my car.  There was Lenny, sitting in a chair, next to my car, keeping an eye on it.  I kid you not. He sat next to my car, for what I can gather was the entire game and watched my car.  How endearing, or creepy, but I like to think endearing.  I thanked him (didn’t tip him just said thank you) and he handed me a card with his name written down with a phone number (which is how I knew his name as you don’t always know the name of the parking attendant) and said that anytime I wanted to park, give him a call and he’d make sure I had a parking spot. An “easy out” parking spot!


The next time I went to a game, I was driving in the same area looking for Lenny (I didn’t call him first), and happened to see him Waving me down from the end of the block.  Literally jumping up and waving at me.  I believe he was happy to see me.  I mean, who wouldn’t be. :)

Lenny:  Dr. O’Brien, I have a great spot for you.  Closer than last time.

Dr. O’Brien:  Great!

Lenny:  It’s further down the alley but closer to Wrigley, can I hop in your car and  drive  down with you?

Dr. O’Brien:  No problem. Hop in.

Lenny hopped in, and my spot was so close, I could throw a baseball and hit Wrigley…and I do not have a great throwing arm, but can throw a perfect football spiral.  Don’t ask me how, I just can.  It was just about the best parking spot for a game at Wrigley Field ever.  Yes, Best. Parking. Spot. Ever.

The 3rd time I drove down, I had a friend with me, so I called Lenny in advance and told him I was coming down, with another colleague.  When we approached our parking area,  I saw Lenny, and he was waving at me.  He was expecting me.  Nancy was in the front seat and I drove up to Lenny, and rolled down my window.

Lenny:  Hi Dr. O’Brien.  I have another great spot for you.

Dr. O:  Hop in.

Lenny jumped in the back seat and off we drove to our parking spot.

Nancy and Lenny exchanged general pleasantries.  She gave me a look indicating she thought I lost my marbles, but she was delightful and pleasant to my parking valet, Lenny.  I figured I would explain all during the game.  And here’s where it really gets good.

Lenny:  Dr. O’Brien, I made you a CD.

Did I mention Lenny is a Rustafarian?  He looks like Bob Marley.  Based on his CD, he sounds like him too. I mean, how sweet he made me a CD of his own music.  A CD of His own Reggae Music!  And, it was really good.  We listened to it on the way home from the game and it really was great.


My friends say only I can befriend a Rustafarian parking attendant (I use that term loosely, “parking attendant”, not “Rustafarian”, as he was a Rustafarian) and end up with a Reggae CD.  Yup, that’s me.


I parked with Lenny probably 6 more times that year and each and every time I’d come back from the game , he was watching my car.  He was like my own valet and bodyguard.  All for the price of $25.  Or $30.  Or $40, depending on my mood.   I always knew nothing would happen to my car and knew nothing would happen to me.  Lenny had my back.  (Now glancing up at this paragraph, when I say, “I parked with Lenny”, I mean I parked my Car with Lenny.  Just want that to be clear… ).  I also parked my car with Lenny the following year.  Easy. Peasy.  He never asked me what kind of doctor I was.   I believe it was professional courtesy.  But if he did ask, I’d say Pediatrician.


All good stories must come to an end, as the 3rd year when I went to the Cubs game I couldn’t find Lenny.  I asked around and was told that the owner said Lenny didn’t give him all the money owed him, so he was “fired”.  My personal valet and body guard was fired.  Life is so unfair.  And it would have made a much better story if I were to find out he was a popular recording artist, but that only happens in movies.  I don’t know what happened to Lenny.

It was fun while it lasted. :)

Song of the Day:  One Love by Bob Marley

One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One love)
Hear the children crying (One heart)
Sayin’, “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.”
Sayin’, “Let’s get together and feel all right.”

Maxie picture of the day.  Sweetest puppy ever.  Same pose.  Different day. She really does a great job, sitting.


Mer and I finished binge-watching Bloodline.  Fabulous.  If you can, binge-watch it this weekend. I’m considering re-watching all 15 episodes.   Kyle Chandler truly delivers.  I’m predicting another Emmy Award for him.  My new favorite actor!  Now I need to revisit Friday Night Lights to see more of Coach Taylor.  Football and Kyle Chandler. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Peace out and Play Ball!



excuse me BRB









Easter Punnies…Baskets, Decor, Eats and Puns!

3 Apr


As promised, this is a Good Friday to post a blog about all things Easter!  Tis the reason for the season!  You shall find Easter basket ideas, decor ideas and fun things to eat!

A Virtual Cornucopia of Easter Basket Ideas – showing lots of options, lest you need any last-minute ideas!  Which reminds me of the year Kevin went out on Easter Saturday night, to get my Easter basket… literally came home with a Huge laundry basket filled with just about anything a girl could want.  Wish I had taken a picture. #SizeMatters


Using a Beach Towel as an Easter Basket.  Love this idea!

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Beach towels with pool noodles. :)





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Frozen, Frozen, Frozen…if you haven’t had enough.

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Easter Decor Ideas – fun to do with the family.











Obsessed with Glitter Eggs.  Absolutely Obsessed!

Easter Eats


Custard and Fruit Pie




Pastel Colored Deviled Eggs


Just about the cutest little cupcake that I ever have seen!


Strawberries dipped in orange-chocolate

Brilliant!  Using Peeps in the fruit kabobs!


Another bunny shaped fruit salad.

1d9fac6753c6d9981092c493bbd60d9d cbda565beb992f47c16b427eb75a30ee


Making these on Easter…but No Nuts!


I am Trixy Sprinkles


Easter Puns

Here are some messages that work for all sorts of peeps, whether they’re chicks, bunnies, or one of the many other shapes that are available these days.


To one of my favorite peeps.
It’s Easter, for Peep’s sake!
You and I are like two peeps in a pod.
I heard you wanted to see a peep show.
Hope you enjoy this peeps offering.
Power to the Peep-le!
To a real peep-le person.
I do want to hear another peep out of you – keep in touch!
Our friendship is growing by peeps and bounds!
Hope you enjoy this tongue-in-peep gift.
I never get tired of hanging with my peeps.
I heard you like hanging out with your peeps.
Without you, I’d go off the peep end!
All I am saying, is give peeps a chance.
To a person with real peep-le skills.
Wishing you peeps and happiness this Easter!


When most people think of peeps, they probably envision the little marshmallow chicks that made them famous. Here are some funny/punny sayings that go with this type of peep.

Why didn’t the peep cross the road? Because it was a little chicken.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get by your side.
Hope you enjoy this cheep gift.
For one of my favorite chicks.
To a real cool chick.
To the hottest chick in town.
You’re a big clucking deal.
I heard you get all the chicks.
I heard you were looking for some real sweet chicks.
You might not be a spring chicken, but you’re pretty sweet.
You and I are birds of a feather.
Don’t you hate candy gifts with fowl puns attached to them?


Another classic peep shape is the bunny. Here are some hare-brained puns to accompany a gift of bunny peeps.

For some-bunny very special.
To my little honey bunny.
I heard you wanted to dye your hare.
This peep was sent by hare-mail.
I heard you like hip hop.
You make me want to hop up and down.
Take one of these when you’re having a bad hare day.
For my sweet funny bunny.
Hope you have a hoppin’ good Easter.
I heard eating these can cure your receding hare line.
Song of the Day – Build Me Up Buttercup, by the Foundations.  For all my Wisconsin college students and students to be!  Go Badgers!  I believe this is the 3rd of 4th time this song has been the featured song of the day. Should tell you something!
Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart

BFF emoji

Happy Easter Birthday Lora!!!

no filter

#NoFilter.  Kidding… Totally used a filter.  :)


So, This happened this week.  I was driving with Mer in the front with me and my sister, Megan in the back, on our way to lunch.  A guy in a car (not nearly as sassy as my new, white “sports car”) passed me and cut me off.  Whatever.  We then turned the same way, and when we got the the light, he was in the lane next to us, and flipped us off.  It was a Hard, F-off.  Directed at my daughter.  #Unbecoming.  He then, BACKED up and rolled down his window and yelled, “So when is passing a car against the law”.  I gave him a look that said, without speaking, “what in god’s green earth is wrong with you”.  Meredith’s look was an explanation point to my look.  He then yells, “You’re lucky we are in the suburbs, if we were in the city, you’d be shot”.  Seriously.  I have no idea what his problem was, but lunch was Fabulous.

easter bitmoji

Have I mentioned I love the bitmoji app?

Happy Easter! :)







Oldie, but Goodie!


Fifty Shades of Spring Break and Up with Peeps!

2 Apr


Still recovering from, May I say, Have Passport… Will Travel!  In other words, Fifty Shades of Spring Break!


Pardon the sun, but I was leaving and it was as sunny in Chicago as it was when we arrived in Mexico.  I learned quite a bit from my first International trip.  But that’s another blog.  A girl and her passport.  One of my favorite lines from spring break (and there were lots of them) came from Dave, when we were discussing how you really learn quite a bit about people when traveling with them (and much of it good, btw), and he said,

“I actually like you More after travelling with you”.  Smart man. It may have been the pool drinks talking, or the fact that I was lounge chair buddies with his wife, but I’ll take it.  Not only am I good at parties, but I’m fun to travel with.  Cheers! :)

2nd best line, not from my spring break, but it totally fits, thanks to Fun Bob:

“All inclusive resort is like a Cruise on land”.  True that.

50 shades of spring break

50 Shades of the Seniors on Spring Break, in honor of Johny B’s 50th.


Me and a few of my favorites before the waters got rough.  Really rough. #StockInDramamine

TOB POB Spring Break 2015

Me and my boy. :)  This is called crazy wind-blown locks.



Yes, I do believe it does.  Or at least the pool lounge chair does. ;)

So, because of my sensitive stomach and apparent intolerance to international massages and Mexican sun, #SevereDehydration, I am still recovering from my vacation.  As I Desperately need a vacation from my vacation, so am  reposting one of my favorite blogs about Peeps.  Yes, those nasty sugary-y “treats” that some people like (Cathy!) and some of us, dislike…But, it’s not Easter unless there are Peeps in the baskets.  Pink for Meredith and Blue for Patrick.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  The long-awaited for and anticipated blog…Up with Peeps!!

Some people have, in my opinion, an unhealthy obsession with PeepsPeeps are marshmallow candies, sold in the United States and Canada, that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals (such as ducks). There are also different shapes used for various holidays. Peeps are used primarily to fill Easter baskets, though recent ad campaigns tout the candy as “Peeps – Always in Season”, as Peeps has since expanded to include Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They are made from marshmallow, corn syrup, gelatin, and carnauba wax. (Wikipedia).

I have to admit, I have NEVER eaten a Peep.  Never.  The thought of that much sugar coming anywhere near my teeth, gives me the Heeby Jeeby’s.  However, with Easter upon us…Peeps are Everywhere.  And they’re not just for Easter baskets anymore.  Instead of a long-winded blog, I thought I’d let a few pics tell the story. :)

The Ultimate Peep Show

Exhausting…I know.  They do look harmless, don’t they? And to think people  spend countless hours making these…and notice how many, many of these ideas are Non-Edible.  What does that tell you?  Peeps…Pleasing to the eye, with their lovely yellow, blue and pink colors…but it’s Not necessarily a taste that the masses would like crossing their lips. But they sure are lovely to look at. :)  The Easter Bunny has provided Meredith and Patrick with Peeps every year for Easter, and I can tell you that NEVER have they been eaten.  But, I can also predict Peeps are here to stay, and Meredith and Patrick will also be the lucky recipients of More Peeps in their Easter Baskets!

And, in case you cannot make it to Geja’s in Chicago (one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Chicago, which is a Fondue restaurant where Kevin and I celebrated many anniversaries), you can do this at home:

Peeps Trivia…How long is the standard shelf life for Peeps?  2 years!  And each Peep is only 32 calories!  Wow.

Honestly…these are killing me.  Peeps…the other white meat! :)

And a Happy Easter Birthday to my very best friend, Lora!!  Which reminds me of a very snappy retort of hers.  A few years back I asked her, “I wonder what I should get the kids for Easter”…and as only she can get away with, she responded… “How about a little disappointment”?   I love her…and I do believe she was just kidding.  And I believe the message has been received!


Song of the Day:  Uptown Funk, by Bruno Mars.  For the sole reason I Cannot get that song out of my head!

This hit, that ice cold
Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold
This one for them hood girls
Them good girls straight masterpieces
Stylin’, whilen, livin’ it up in the city
Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
Got kiss myself, I’m so pretty

62781ecc1475cbe5aed628d15b4dcc8dTomorrow there will be a short blog about Easter Basket ideas, just in case you are still searching for ideas.  It’s a Good Friday to post a blog about Easter Baskets!

My new Netflix obsession:  Bloodline.  Been through 7 episodes and love, love, love it.  Also, if you haven’t seen Cinderella, go see it this weekend.  I took my Cinderella to see it.  Cinderella and Joel Gott Chardonnay.  Best. Movie Experience. Ever!



In case you can’t wait for tomorrow, you may check out last year’s Easter blog, An Eggcellent Easter Blog, for Everything Easter!


Beach Bound!

28 Mar





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