#Team Kourage

2 Oct


And just like that…Magic!!  Team Kourage raised $33,145 in the Les Turner ALS Foundation Walk for Life, on Sunday, September 27th, at Soldier Field.   Double what we raised last year!  73 people walked With us.  73 people walked For us.  Over 150 people donated for our family.  Some, donated twice! Out of 200+ teams, Team Kourage was #4 in fundraising!  And, I do not do well asking for money, so that is truly the kindness and generosity of those around us.  $33,145.  That is remarkable!  Our friends and family are Remarkable.

It was a magical day.  Surrounded by Family.  Surrounded by Friends, who quite frankly are Family.  The love and support my family has received brings me to tears.  Every day.  While we never did get all 73 walkers in one place for a group picture, here is a compilation of the pictures my team sent us!  #TeamKourage


That time when your friend flew all the way in from Boston for your walk…and the Band was back together, if ever so briefly!  #TrueBlueFriends #MySoleSister


The Stein Family!  #SoleSister  #LoveThem


It took a Village… I truly mean that!  This lovely group of ladies, and Mark, had every last little detail planned.  They had a banquet of food and drinks for Team Kourage!  I love these people!!



S, D, and C!


Renee and Dr. Stevie


The Burns Family.


Me and my buddy, Mark!


The Banner Holders!

Patrick Mary Walk

A couple of college kids made it home for the Walk.  Welcome home Patrick and Mary!!


Mer Mer and Dana.  #TeamTerry


Just some crazy kids hanging out at Soldier Field.  #ForACause  #WinnersAtTheField


Team Kourage is in the house!


Jane, Cindy, Shefali, Connie and Jan!   The gals from the hood. ;)


Patrick! <3


Linda overseeing the Jimmy Johns sandwiches.  They’re Freaky Fast!


Hello LSULeslie!


Kousins for a Kure!



Kontinuing with the Kousins for a Kure!


Audrey’s art project.  The lost Stein.


Nancy and my darling god-daughter, Lindsey!


Lora and RV taking a selfie. :)


Lora, Lisa, LAP and NKO!  Enjoying some post-walk libations…or perhaps, this is pre-walk?  It’s 5:00 somewhere!


Rhonda and the girls.



And Luke is off!


Kev and his posse.


More Burns!


Connie and Jan



Cindy and Kim




More banner walker!  Guessing it ain’t coffee in those cups!  #JustSayin’



Neil, Steph and Deb



Kourage will follow when Faith takes the Lead!  Thanks Jay and Lora and Visit Anaheim!  xoxo


Life long friends!


Now That’s a view!


They were on a Break!

Team Crane

Team Crane!


Soldier Field… before the Walkers converged upon it.


#TeamKourage puppy.



Thank you Foglia Family Foundation for donating $100,000 to the Walk, which $14,350 was directed towards Team Kourage!  Paul Launer’s Iron Horse Brigade, Jeff’s Juggernauts and Team Kourage all received a portion of this generous donation.

And that, my friends, was a very good day.

Song of the Day:  We’ll Never Have to Goodbye Again, by England Dan and John Ford Coley

You must leave, I know you will
I won’t let you go until you show me some secret
For making this time stand still

And somewhere sometime from now
Together again somehow all of the waiting will seem
Like a moment and then
We’ll never have to say goodbye again
We’ll never have to say goodbye again

12042812_1271454766213447_5000878241756160468_n (1)


Thank you everyone, from the very bottom of our hearts.  Thank you to all who donated.  Thank you for all who walked.  Thank you to those who came to walk, but helped our family instead.  Thank you to those who walked with us in spirit.  Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and love that has been given my family.  We are blessed beyond belief.

One day there will be a cure named after Lou Gehrig, rather than a disease.



first of all




That time you decided to Thank all 280 FaceBook Birthday Posts…Individually

25 Sep


I am very blessed to have a very supportive Facebook community.  So much so, that late on my birthday a friend texted me and asked if I checked out all the FB birthday posts.  Truthfully, I had not… I saw a few, but “life” got in the way and I hadn’t been on to read them all.  My friend, “You have hundreds of birthday greetings.  Literally, hundreds.  I know because someone said you and 262 people wished TOB a happy birthday.  If you ever doubted how much you are loved, doubt no more”.  I have paraphrased this a bit, since I posted something similar the day after my birthday along with this card that I received, and I don’t want to lose any readers because they’ve read this twice…#AimingToPlease #KnowYourAudience

born to be fabulous

They said that Facebook doesn’t lie, and proves I’m “well-loved”.  I said, yes, Facebook does lie. DUH…but all the birthday messages truly did warm my heart and brighten my day and make me happy!  And that’s when I decided that I would not do a blanket post  “Thank you for all the birthday messages” …I decided to Like and Comment on each and every one. 280 of them, but who’s counting?   At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but then when I started commenting back on each post, it was like a little trip down memory lane, and I realized it was a Great idea.   I tried to write something that would make the person smile and let them know that I either read their Facebook posts, or responded in a way that was a true response to their birthday wish.  I know I’m not the only person to ever do this, but if you haven’t taken the time to personally Thank each person who did or said something nice to you, or posted something kind on your Facebook wall, I highly recommend it.  It’s like when they say it’s better to Give than to Receive…Well it sure was terrific Receiving those birthday messages, but I have to say I may have enjoyed responding to them, even More!


“Happiest of Days”… I love that message and shall pirate as my own!  Thanks Mary G!

“Can we all just come over later for a huge birthday party, with champagne, snacks and shenanigans? Maybe some Monday night football too? Hey dear friend, you have a special day and year. You are loved (is adored too strong a word?) by many and I for one miss you dearly. But today is about YOU! Sparkle, sparkle! Happy Birthday”!  Leave it to Carol S. to make a birthday statement with a Bang!  Love, love, love you Carol!!

“Happy Birthday to a great friend”… I never feel I’m as good of a friend as people are to me…so these posts really made me feel better about myself as a friend. :)


This card came with the greeting from LSU Leslie, “You make everything wonderful”.   How can you not love that girl?!


This Bitmoji came from Carolyn…and a text that said, “Happy birthday to my amazing friend.  I am a better person because of you”.  Sometimes a message will literally take your breath away…even if it’s not true…but I’m hoping she was serious.

I celebrate your birthday in my heart and remember times past. You are the Belle of Chicago. From my dear friend, Ann.


I loved every fun little emoji.  Every reference to “I know you will celebrate in style”.  “Enjoy this beautiful day”…because it was one of the most beautiful days, ever!  “Happy Birthday!  I will bring you something strong to drink, soon”.  And the many Cheers, Martini and Wine references.  It would appear my Facebook friends know a little about me and my love of a festive libation.


Then I received a card with a letter inside.  Not a Facebook post, but a card in the mail:   I have always admired you for your zest, your style, your kindness and your joie de vivre.  JOIE DE VIVRE…The world needs more of the use of this phrase!

Made my day!  And I was having a pretty great day!  Thank you, Shelagh!


And the piece de resistance was receiving this picture from my #SoleSister of Kyle Chandler… :) :) :)  Which brings this post back full circle.  Yes, I will land this plane.  I was watching the Emmy Awards Sunday night (long, boring, drawn out Emmy’s) and when Jon Hamm won for his portrayal of Don Draper in Mad Men, beating out Kyle Chandler in Bloodline, Andy Samberg, the host said, “I was pulling for Chandler.  Dig that Dude”!  Me too… but I digress.

I remembered a few things I read about Kyle Chandler and the recurring theme was, “who doesn’t like Kyle Chandler”?  Everyone likes him.  Everyone!  And I thought, I used to be likable.  I used to be nice.  I used to be funny…I was doubting my Likability… Seriously.  Even mentioned it to a group of friends the next day, and quite frankly, they didn’t put my fears to rest.  Not one of them.  And I thought perhaps I’ve peaked?  Maybe I’m just not that nice anymore? Maybe I’m not a sweet person.  I mean, Kyle Chandler should be like looking in the personality mirror! Do I have an edge?  Where’s my wit?  Where’s my sense of humor?  Ok, I still have my sense of humor…but have I turned “dark”?  Am I still funny and nice?


And then I read all those Facebook birthday messages and I found my wit.  I found my sense of humor.  I found the nice girl I’ve always been.  And the reason I found these things, if that’s what I was reading about myself from others.  People were saying very nice things about me and to me.  Maybe I’m not sweet, nice and funny…all of the time!  But, by golly, I think I can pull it off, sometimes! I’m not saying this in a Sally Field way, “they like me, they really like me”…but I may have been being a bit harsh on myself. And I mean, Facebook doesn’t lie. ;)  Best. Birthday. Ever!

Song of the Day:  Material Girl, by Madonna.  And not because I, nor my lovely daughter is Materialistic…but because I heard this dong this week and for the Life of me, cannot get it out of my head!

Some boys try and some boys lie but
I don’t let them play
Only boys that save their pennies
Make my rainy day, ’cause they are

Living in a material world
And I am a material girl
You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl


And who is Fabulous and 24 Today? Meredith!  Happy, Happy Birthday to my smart, sweet, lovely, caring, helpful, fashionista daughter!  Love you and looking forward to celebrating with a Filthy Dirty Martini!


1503963_2138323374410_1864158124_n (1)


And guess who’s coming home to help her celebrate?  None other than our favorite college boy…and girl!



Patrick Grad Party 024

Oh yeah…and we will be hob-knobbing with family, friends and out-of-towners and perhaps do a bit of Walking!  …Yup…Best. Weekend. Ever!

Life is short.  Make it count.

Peace out!








Falling…and the Ultimate Fall To-Do List

18 Sep


The end of summer… where did summer go?   I had a great summer, but it went by way too fast.  Goodbye racetrack.  Goodbye beach.  Goodbye bonfires.  Goodbye S’mores.  Goodbye Grad parties. Goodbye McDonald’s ice cream cones.   Goodbye vacations.  Goodbye flip-flops.  Goodbye floating on a noodle in a pool.  Goodbye boating.  Goodbye beach-y hair.  Goodbye sun-streaked locks.  Goodbye summer days.  Goodbye summer nights.  Where did my suntan go?  Oh yeah, never had one!  Let’s look on the bright side…less wrinkles! But let’s face it, it’s not like I did nearly the number of things I love to do in the summer.  But I still have some of the best memories I will ever have, filed away in my memory (best long-term memory, ever.  Worst short-term memory, ever) so Summer 2015 is in the books, but one I can certainly re-read with fond memories.  :)


Good news is we have Fall looming upon us, just days away.  And Football season is underway.  Speaking of Football, My Bears hung in there with the Packers, so that gives me hope for the rest of the season.  We finally had a coach with Enthusiasm, with a capital E! Welcome to Chicago, John Fox!


Back to Fall.  My favorite season for clothes.  Boots, sweaters, leggings, scarves, layers.  There must be an upcoming blog about Fall Fashion Trends.  Yes, there is!  But not this one.  There is more to Fall than football and fun fashions.



Loved this “Ultimate Fall To-Do List”… I especially love when something is called The Ultimate… What really is the Ultimate?  Well, according to Pow Wow, this is their Ultimate Fall To-Do List!  And I am one who really Loves Fall!

Ahh, fall. The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and the #PSL is back, baby. We don’t want you to miss out on any autumnal fun, dear reader, so we compiled this handy list of every single thing you absolutely must do this season.

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

1. Go apple picking

2. Get frustrated when you can’t find any pretty apples

3. Decide to plant your own apple tree

4. Change your mind about the tree thing

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

5. Rake leaves

6. Jump in a pile of leaves

7. Re-rake the leaves

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

8. Drink a pumpkin-spice latte

9. Wear a cable-knit sweater

10. Wear boots

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

11. Wear flannel

12. Wear an infinity scarf

13. Complain about how cold it is

14. Talk about how fall is your favorite season

15. Pretend to care about football to bond with that cute guy in the office

16. Find out he has a girlfriend; regret buying a jersey

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

17. Carve a pumpkin

18. Enter a pumpkin-carving contest

19. Smash your competitors’ pumpkins when it’s announced that you didn’t win

20. Artfully assemble gourds in a wicker basket

21. Wonder why gourds are so creepy looking

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

22. Go to a corn maze

23. Get lost in a corn maze

24. Have a panic attack in a corn maze when it’s been 25 minutes and you really feel like you’ve been walking in circles and what if you die here and oh god why did I think this was a good idea I really hate fall.

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

25. Bake a pie

26. Instagram a photo of your pie with the hashtag #luvfall

27. Eat the entire pie yourself and immediately feel bad about it

28. Burn your tongue on hot apple cider

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

29. Buy candy for trick-or-treaters

30. Decide that kids these days are brats and keep the candy for yourself, instead giving out the apples that you picked and have deemed too ugly for your own consumption

31. Make candy apples with the pretty apples

32. Schedule a dentist appointment

33. Get into a heated argument with a random passerby about canned versus homemade cranberry sauce

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List
34. Decide to take up knitting

35. Decide knitting’s not for you

36. Think of a *really* clever group Halloween costume

37. Get *really* mad at the other group of girls at the party you’re at are wearing the exact same costume, but a little better executed.

38. Say you’re going to start Christmas shopping but then forget

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

39. Complain some more about how cold it is

40. Be totally over fall


Fall…so much to look forward to!



Song of the Day:  1979 by Smashing Pumpkins

We don’t even care as restless as we are
We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts
And poured cement, lamented and assured
To the lights and towns below


Oh yeah, not only is My birthday coming up, but so is my sweet Meredith’s!  Happy Birthday to us!!


Best quote of the week…given to me as part of a gift from the Realtor to the Stars, Kathy P:

My Mother said I could be anything I want.  I choose FABULOUS!

Have a great weekend.  Peace out!  Go Bears!



11062778_1011016495585383_1537485101131590698_n 11990423_10152972538127038_4274063168718023197_n





Football 101…and Are You Ready for Some Football?

10 Sep



September is a very festive month in our house…but the “event” that really gets me excited….the start of Football season.  The greatest rival in football is on Chicago turf this weekend.  Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers.  Best Game Ever.  Today’s blog is all things Football.  When people say they don’t understand the game, that’s because it’s never been explained to them.  Thankfully, we can change that with Football 101.  I’m posting this blog Thursday night, rather than Friday AM, because in scheduling my Friday blog, the date would have been 9-11…and I just didn’t think that was appropriate, so I’m posting this during the Patriots v Steelers game.  I have an opinion about Tom Brady’s reinstatement, and that will be a future blog.  #Goody


FOOTBALL 101 from Sorority Secrets

This women’s guide to football is adapted from NFL.com’s rulebook section so check it out for more detailed information.

Each team has 3 separate units: the offense, those players who are on the field when the team has possession of the ball; the defense, players who line up to stop the other team’s offense; and special teams that only come in on kicking situations (punts, field goals, and kickoffs). Only 11 players are on the field from one team at any one time.

This is an 11-man team that has possession of the ball. They try to advance the ball down the field to the end zone in order to make a touchdown and score points.

This is another 11-man team that does not have possession of the ball and instead is trying to stop the offensive team from making a touchdown. In other words, they are trying to make them give up possession of the ball.

Games are divided into four 15-minute quarters, separated by a 12-minute break at halftime. There are also 2-minute breaks at the end of the first and third quarters as teams change ends of the field after every 15 minutes of play. At the end of the first and third quarters, the team with the ball retains possession heading into the following quarter. That is not the case before halftime. The second half starts with a kickoff in the same way as the game began in the first quarter.

Each offensive team has 40 seconds from the end of a given play until they must snap off the ball for the start of the next play, otherwise they will be penalized. The clock stops at the end of incomplete passing plays, when a player goes out of bounds, or when a penalty is called. The clock starts again when the ball is re-spotted by an official.

A game starts with the kickoff. The ball is placed on a kicking tee at the defense’s 30-yard line, and a special kicker (a “placekicker”) kicks the ball to the offense A kick return man from the offense will try to catch the ball and advance it by running. Where he is stopped is the point from which the offense will begin its drive, or series of offensive plays. When a kickoff is caught in the offense’s own end zone, the kick returner can either run the ball out of the end zone, or kneel in the end zone to signal a touchback – a sign to stop the play. The ball is then placed on the 20-yard line, where the offense begins play.

All progress in a football game is measured in yards. The offensive team tries to get as much “yardage” as it can to try and move closer to the opponent’s end zone. Each time the offense gets the ball, it has four downs, or chances, in which to gain 10 yards. If the offensive team successfully moves the ball 10 or more yards, it earns a first down, and another set of four downs. If the offense fails to gain 10 yards, it loses possession of the ball. The defense tries to prevent the offense not only from scoring, but also from gaining the 10 yards needed for a first down. If the offense reaches fourth down, it usually punts the ball (kicks it away). This forces the other team to begin its drive further down the field.

 The Run and the Pass
A play begins with the snap. At the line of scrimmage (the position on the field where the play begins), the quarterback loudly calls out a play in code and the player in front of him, the center, passes, or snaps the ball under his legs to the quarterback. From there, the quarterback can either throw the ball, hand it off, or run with it.

There are two main ways for the offense to advance the ball. The first is called a run. This occurs when the quarterback hands the ball off to a running back, who then tries to gain as many yards as possible by eluding defensive players. The quarterback is also allowed to run with the ball.

The other alternative to running the ball is to throw it. Or as they say in football, pass it! Usually, the quarterback does the passing, though there are times when another player may pass the ball to confuse the defense. Actually, anyone on the offensive team is allowed to pass the ball as long as the pass is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. A pass is complete if the ball is caught by another offensive player, usually the “wide receiver” or “tight end.” If the ball hits the ground before someone catches it, it is called an incomplete pass.

The defense prevents the offense from advancing the ball by bringing the ball carrier to the ground. A player is tackled when one or both of his knees touch the ground. The play is then over. A play also ends when a player runs out of bounds.

The object of the game is to score the most points. There are four ways to score points in

A touchdown is the biggest single score in a football game. It is worth six points, and it allows the scoring team an opportunity to attempt to get an extra point. To score a touchdown, the ball must be carried across the goal line into the end zone, caught in the end zone, or a fumble recovered in the end zone, or an untouched kickoff recovered in the end zone by the kicking team.

Immediately following a touchdown, the ball is placed at the opponent’s two-yard line,
where the offense has two options. Usually the offense will kick an extra point, also called the point after touchdown, conversion, or PAT. If the offense successfully kicks the ball through the goal posts, it earns one point. The offense can also score two points by running or throwing the ball into the end zone in the same manner as you would score a touchdown. Since going for two points is more difficult than kicking an extra point, the offense generally chooses to kick the extra point.

If the offense cannot score a touchdown, it may try to kick a field goal. Field goals are worth three points and often are the deciding plays in the last seconds of close games. They can be attempted from anywhere on the field on any down, but generally are kicked from inside the defense’s 45-yard line on fourth down. For a field goal to be “good”, the placekicker (or field goal kicker) must kick the ball through the goal-post uprights and over the crossbar. The defense tries to block the kick and stop the ball from reaching the goal post.

The safety is worth two points. A safety occurs when the offensive ball carrier is tackled behind his own goal line.

While trying to advance the football to the end zone, the offense may accidentally turn the ball over to the defense in one of two ways:

When the ball carrier or passer drops the ball, that’s a fumble. Any player on the field can recover the ball by diving on it or he can run with it. The team that recovers a fumble either gets-or retains-possession of the ball.

An aggressive defense can regain possession of the ball by catching (intercepting) passes meant for players on the other team. Both fumble recoveries and interceptions can be run back into the end zone for touchdowns.

We hope this was helpful and that you can now “talk football”!


Interesting little tidbit



You’re an Idiot… no names used, of course.



Chicago is My Kinda Town!


Love, Love, Love!


That was Last year…This is our year!


You’re Awesome!!


Top Chicago Bears Draft Picks!




This is also true!

Song of the Day: Back on My Feet Again, by The Baby’s.  Hopefully will be the Bears theme song, this year!!

Drownin’ my sorrows, avoiding tomorrows
Kind of felt that I just had enough

And here I am
I’m back on my feet again
Here I am
I’m back on my feet again


POB update… Matching his shirt to the sky.  #TFM  Yes, I know the college lingo…much to this college boy’s dismay.

Are you ready for some Football?  I sure am!

Go Bears!!








Buck Up

4 Sep



I was minding my own business about a week and a half ago, with Mer, Zack and Bruce, when I received an email that there was a Pending  comment on my blog And there comes a time about dropping Patrick off at school. All comments are Pending, until I approve them.  That’s call Control.  :)

he’s going to college, with friends, counselors a credit card and cell phone, not Afghanistan, buck up

Hmmm…wasn’t sure what she was getting at.  I didn’t know this person.  Was she being catty?  Supportive? Was she showing me tough love?  Was she being rude?   Was I being persuaded to start deer hunting  To be sure I didn’t have a Hater out there, I decided to Google, “Buck up”, and went to my “go to” Urban Dictionary:

Buck Up:

Buck up means to basically grin and bear it, kinda like sayin “get over it” only more nicely. It’s especially used in the south and often in small towns.


Ok, I was being told to “get over it”, only more nicely. I can live with that.  I should Buck Up.  I mean, Patrick is 18.  He’s an adult.  He deserves to go off to college and get an education.  And Marie was right (Yes, her name is Marie because she used her name and didn’t hide behind an anonymous post), I need to get over it.  Thank you Marie!  And 2 weeks later, I believe I have.  Not so much at the beginning, but Life does go on, and while I/we are all sad Patrick isn’t home with us, we seem to be doing a-okay.  Yes, I still do randomly shed a few tears, but it’s not like that’s anything new.  He’s great at keeping in touch. We Facetime, talk and text.  I keep him updated with pictures of Maxine.  It’s not like I’m never going to see him again, and Lord knows, I have plenty of pictures of him…

going to miami

Patrick sophomore football0001


Scan POB May 2015 009


What bums me about this picture, of Patrick, Mary and her parents, is I’m not in it.  I was taking the picture, because I didn’t want to be in the picture.  Why?  Who knows?  But this was during an absolutely Fantastic dinner… and I am looking forward to visiting my new favorite Mexican restaurant, to have my picture taken with this Fab Four.  :)


Just a college boy, studying.  Wearing headphones?  While listening to music?  Hmmm…#LetItGo


Patrick asked me to go pick up a paycheck at the club where he works.  I went to the front desk and asked for Patrick’s check, “I’m his mom”. The 2 women behind the desk, just Lit up!  “Patrick is great”.  “We love him”.  “He’s such a great worker”.  “Not all high school kids are”.  I have to say, rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear something nice about Patrick.  My neighbor will stop their car, when I’m out running (Ok, walking) to tell me what a nice young man he is.  Susan tells me on a regular basis, what a great husband and father my son will be.  I get random texts from friends who saw him over the summer, telling me, “I just love that kid”.  “What a handsome and polite young man”.  “He’s our favorite out of all the friends”.  And yes, I’m bragging and beaming with pride.  And yes, I hear the same about Meredith, ‘cept “handsome” is usually replaced with “Beautiful”… and let’s face it, Meredith most certainly had her day in the sun, with 4 years of her mom blogging about her at college.  And let’s not forget, my very famous post, You Can Take a Girl Out of College…so yes, Mer has gotten her fair-share of blog time.


Song of the Day:  Do Life Big, by Jamie Grace

Saying I came to give you life,
So spread your wings and fly,
I’ve got a secret to share,
You are enough to change the atmosphere,

So go and do life big,
I wanna do life big,


Do Life Big!  Life is short…Buck Up!

Have a Fantastic…and Safe,  Labor Day!



11377231_953350694695281_6651442930322575602_n 11947578_10153306259368089_8620443212190584547_n 11959986_10205127644019860_7566476650937135824_n


Eat the …blanketey blank…Cake

28 Aug


Today’s blog was going to be titled, Buck Up… dedicated to a comment made on my blog.  But instead, I’m saving that little goody for next week, because this just happened to “fall into my lap”, and this is a way better way for me to start my Friday.  Heck, it’s a way better way for everyone to start their Friday.  A few little Life’s Reminders!

Eat the Damn Chocolate Cake…Dance…Sing…Smile at everyone.  Go barefoot.  Laugh every chance you get…Help others.

Live Life to the Fullest. 

No Regrets.

Life is way too Short!



Song of the Day:  Boy Meets Girl – Waiting for a star to fall. 

I’ve learned to feel what I cannot see
But with you I lose that vision
I don’t know how to dream your dream
So I’m all caught up in superstition
I want to reach out and pull you to me
Who says I should let a wild one go free


Live life to the fullest.  No regrets.  Life is way too short.




11902274_1288811717890425_1026530438674133573_n 11914971_1287138094724454_781563729666431105_n 11913981_1287189364719327_7942746230351687101_n


And there comes a time…

21 Aug


And there comes a time when I have to say goodbye to my little boy and leave him at college.  This is one of those milestones in a child’s life…and for the parent, in this instance Me, I’m happy to say that I’m on the “other side”, of this milestone that has been looming over my head all summer. Oh, who am I kidding?   It’s been looming over me for 18 years.  :)


What does a boy pack for college?  Aside from his mother’s heart?  Lot’s of Vineyard Vines clothes!  He’s a very savvy packer. :)


A boy saying goodbye to his puppy…and his Mom, crying while taking the picture. :(


And we’re off!


Just hanging loose in his dorm.  Posing for his mom.  ;)



Those are not both Patrick’s closets.  Though they certainly could be.  Both Patrick and his roommate John, have the exact same taste in clothes.  A matching pair of salmon-colored trousers will attest to that.



Patrick and his roommate John.  Day one of the next four years of his life at Miami University!

Song of the Day:  Forever Young, by Rod Stewart

And when you finally fly away
I’ll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I’m right behind you, win or lose
Forever Young, Forever Young

Patrick, I love you.  Best of luck to you honey.  I miss you so much, it hurts.  But I am so excited for this next chapter of your life.

Love you!






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