Dressing Your Bar Cart

24 Oct

bar cart quote


When Kevin and I got our “bar cart”, I used it as a “tea cart”.  We received a beautiful sterling silver tea set from Kevin’s parents, so I outfitted my tea cart with the silver tea set and china tea cups.  My how things have changed.   It’s all about the Bar Cart now.  I think it’s high time (no pun intended) to restyle my bar cart.  I’m sharing the ideas I’ve found, with pictures of some fabulous bar carts, to hopefully inspire others as I have inspired myself.  #Alwaysthinkingofothers :)

The Anatomy of a Bar Cart



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Bar Cart Eye Candy

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So cute..would be great for a bridal shower.  I happen to have those glasses and shaker.






Spray painting this, may be easier than they let on.  #justsaying


The bar cart makes great sense for that “signature cocktail”.  Or bloody mary bar! We need a blog about that.  Oh yeah, we have one.  :)


I love, love, love this idea.  Restyling an old console TV into a bar cart!!



Song of the Day: Never Let Go, by Third Eye Blind

There’s every good reason for letting you go…

I never let you go

I never let you turn around, your back on each other


So, guessing I need to address that Bears game, where the Dolphins filleted us.  I mean, what in the world has happened to my Bears?!  And…truth be told, the Dolphins are my 2nd favorite team, so this is the only time I would root against them, regardless of whether or not they ruined our perfect season…”back in the day”.  Well, onward and upward, and bring on the Patriots.   Last time we played them, one of my all-time favorites, Cathy and her husband Phil, came in for the weekend, and the Bears, again, imploded.  Hoping for a different outcome this week.  Nonetheless, had fabulous time last weekend, starting with the Best. Tailgate. Ever!  Tracy, Catherine, Simon and Keith… really doesn’t get better than that!  Oh yeah, and Steph ;) !  Great day, bad game.


Sad, but true!



Catherine and Tracy! Both in Bears colors!



Showing that I am the best friend, ever…Steph looks so cute, and I do not, yet I post the picture anyway.  #Alwaysgiving  Wearing the new scarf I received from Connie and Cindy.  It was too warm to wear the fur, blue headband.  Seriously, no one will be more styling than I in December…and lucky for me, we have 3 December games.  And, I will figure out a better angle for that pic.  #stilllearning.


I’m feeling Tipsy and Fresh…words to live by!

So what’s better than showing up for a lunch, to find out it’s yet, another birthday lunch, with a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket?

BD lunch


How about the Best. Card. Ever!

best card ever

Have a great weekend.  Go San Francisco Giants…cannot wait for that game.  And, of course, Go Bears!






Love ecard Friday!  Especially when I’m behind posting my blog, so am able to plug this in!


True, true, true

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True that. :)

Age-proof your body.

17 Oct

beauty has no age

Beauty has no age…or so they say. :)

One of my better traits (to me anyway) has been my ability to get ready in about 25 minutes.  Shower, make-up, blow drying hair, getting dressed.  25 minutes.  Soup to nuts.  Moisturizing my dry legs took longer than applying make-up.  #dryirishskin.  In my own defense, I really haven’t worn much make-up.  If I had a wedding (not my own, as that was an all-day event/extravaganza) or black-tie affair, I’d up that to 30 or 35 minutes.  Tops.  But truly, it really never took me long to get ready.  And yes, I’m aware it probably showed.  I would actually boast about how much time (or lack thereof) it took me to get ready.

Well, my how things have changed.  As of late, and I’d say the past 6 months or so, it’s taking me 40 minutes to get ready. And here’s the kicker… It’s not helping.  40 minutes to look the same I did, when it took 25 minutes to get ready.  And quite frankly, perhaps I look a tad worse.  Sadly, I’m sure it’s because I am not getting younger…but the good news, is neither is anyone else. Except Benjamin Button, and he’s a fictional movie character.  So, I think it’s high time to try to reverse this process, or at least as much as possible.  Plus, I really want to go back to a stream-lined time of 25 minutes to get ready.  #timematters


Oh, and did I mention I just got about 6 inches cut off my hair?  Not sure I’m loving it. It’s kind of sassy.  #whatwasithinking  #whatwassteventhinking.   Steven actually said when he was done with it/me, “the good news is your hair grows super fast”.  Yeah, super.   So, here I am getting older, with short hair (not quite short, but shorter).  6 inches shorter.  Size/length matters. :)  Since I got my hair chopped off (ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration here), I have lopped off about 7 minutes from that high of 40-45 mins.  I still want to whittle the time down, though.

Never lie about your age

I may be too late, sadly…But as I always say, no time like the present!  So, I think I need help.  And, let’s start with the aging thing first, please. ;)  I’m thinking this will help my well-being and the youthful, dewy look on my face, will require less time to get ready in the morning.  Again, #hereshoping.

My comments in Pink.

5 Simple Ways to Age-Proof Your Body…from Salon.com

Despite the fact that the average life expectancy for American men is 77 years, your body begins to lose its fortitude earlier than you might have thought. “You start to lose strength in your twenties,” as Jordan Metzl, a sports doctor in Manhattan, told GQ magazine.

Our early human ancestors only lived until roughly 30, and our bodies haven’t completely evolved to match our modern-day longevity, as GQ explained in a recent article “How to Old-Proof Your Body (While You’re Still Young).” So, you pretty much peak in your 30s, and it’s all downhill from there.

But don’t freak out because if you start now, there are simple (though sometimes strenuous) steps you can take to improve your betting odds against the Grim Reaper. Here are 5 of the best tips GQ has for age-proofing your body. (Their tips were man-centric, but the following can apply to either sex.):   A post that works for both men and women…this is called, “shoring up my male fan base”.  You are welcome, Bruce.  

  1. Cardio prevents memory slippage.

That is according to the authors of a study by the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health, in France. The study found that memory might actually begin to flicker as early as 45, and suggested that heart health equals head health.  Hoping that walking Murph 3 times a day, and exceeding 10,000 steps, daily, counts as cardio. May need to ramp that up a bit.  


  1. Roll out your soon-to-be-creaky joints.

“Every day, grab a foam roller—those long logs in a gym that look like American Gladiators weapons—and roll out every major body part for a minute each.”

I am happy to announce that I just bought a foam roller.  Pink.  18″.  Again, size matters.  I probably need a larger one, but I’m starting with the one I have.  I have gone back to weekly massages, when my schedule/life allows, but I think they are on to something in regards to these foam rollers.  No one likes creaky joints.  No one.  Or bumpy muscles, for goodness sakes!


  1. Stretching throughout the day keeps your hunchback away.

“Think about your daily movements, whether they’re typing or wiping your ass: It’s all about bending forward. … So every few hours at work, toss your hands behind your head and stretch for few minutes; you’ll open your chest and bend yourself back upright.”

Okay, I am totally into Yoga and Pilates…and I do believe I feel much better, when I start my day off by stretching.  But now that I know it can “help aging”, I shall take it more seriously. Stretch early and often. I’m from Chicago, what can I say?


This is me in this yoga poster.   Just kidding.  Her hair is too long.  Mine is shorter. ;)


This is my birthday twin and one of my besties, Kim …who is becoming a yoga instructor.  She’s fabulous!!

  1. Low impact exercise, calcium and vitamin D all help keep you standing tall, literally.

“[Men] lose about half an inch per decade, starting in your forties,” GQ explains. NYU spine doctor Jeffrey Goldstein said this is because of spinal-disk degeneration and bone weakening. “It’ll happen even faster for runners, heavy laborers, and others who stress their spines,” GQ wrote.

Ok, guessing walking Murph falls more under the “low impact exercise” than “cardio”. #knowledgeispower.  I am also a firm believer in vitamins…and my daily regimen includes both calcium and vitamin D…in the gummy bear variety.   


  1. You won’t live to 90 if you’re overweight.

Lew Hollander, the world’s oldest Ironman competitor at 84, told GQ: “There are no fat old people. Show me one. Show me a 90-year-old fat person. They don’t exist! Who’s 90 years old? The little old man—well, he’s not fat, and that’s how he got old.”

Oh boy… Let’s call this a work in progress!  A month of celebrations and festivities did not help…but a good time was had by all!  Life is short.  Have the Stella…and jar of olives.  But stretch. ;)


Song of the Day:  I Love You, by Martina McBride.  From one of  my very favorite movies, Runaway Bride.  That movie has so many great one-liners.  This is my new favorite movie that when I happen upon it on TV, I can’t stop watching!  I just may blog about this movie.  Love, love, love it!

And I’m in so totally
Wrapped up emotionally
Attracted so physically
Actin’ so recklessly
I need you so desperately
Sure as the sky is blue


Live your life and forget your age

Well, these new rules should make for a fun weekend. :)  Right.  Actually, it will be a fun weekend… Fun and Frolicking with some of my favorite peeps, starting with champagne at lunch today and Flowers Chardonnay tonight…and that is just Friday…and the Piece de Resistance… the Bears v Dolphins.  This time, it’s personal…I mean the Dolphins ruined my Bears perfect season. ;)  15-1. #SuperBowlShuffle.  Can. Not. Wait!  Are you ready for some football?!  I am!  Bring on the Dolphins…#mahi-mahi for brunch!


Cheers to a great weekend and Go Bears…and Go San Francisco Giants, on their way to the World Series!!  Looks like our schedule is such that we’ll be able to take in a game (or 2).  #Fallbreak.  Last year was SoCal…this year NorCal.  Have great story regarding a playoff game in San Fran, which I’ll share in a future blog.  #blogtoolong #Murphneedstobewalked #cardio



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Thanks Megan, for these ecards!  And yeah, I do think I have cute kids.

turn up the music turn down the drama


Turn down the drama!



Yeah, thanks.  #scheesh




Dressing your Pumpkin

13 Oct


Gone are the days when carving a pumpkin, meant this:


Now…pumpkin carving is fancy.  And then, there’s “decorating” your pumpkin, with paint, feathers, cool colors and anything/anywhere else your imagination takes you.



Patrick and Mary’s Vineyard Vines Pumpkin…Cutest pumpkin I think I’ve ever seen.  The pumpkin matches the logo on Patrick’s shirt.

And this is what I did with the seeds they cleaned out of that pumpkin.  This was just a different twist on what I used to do with them.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Just separate the seeds from the “guts”, then boil them in saltwater for 20 minutes (this cleans them as well as salts the insides of the seeds). NOTE: they will look grey after you boil them! Then toss them in a bowl with some melted butter and salt and bake them on a baking sheet for 30-45 minutes at 300 degrees, stirring occasionally. Roast them until they’re golden brown!  This photo is a stock photo, as I forgot to take a picture before we devoured them.  :)


More Cute Decorated Pumpkins

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And, one of the cutest ideas, ever!



Song of the Day: A Sky Full of Stars, by Coldplay

‘Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view

Happy Birthday to my sweet niece, Kelsey…and Happy Birthday to a friend whom I’ve known almost my Entire life…and that’s a long time!  Happy, Happy Carolyn!!

Birthday 2

I love when I go to a friend’s house, and she tells me “the gauntlet was thrown down by your blog”, in regards to dressing up your fall planters, or front porch, as it was in E’s case.  Love it!!


Happy Fall…Oh, and yeah, Way to Go Bears!  Nice game!!





This freaks me out…almost as much as clowns.



 10703564_821291914559348_5867492496694194621_n 10702220_820451387976734_8564934969949434099_n 10670194_817894908232382_2062494301830680683_n

Dressing your Fall Planters

10 Oct


While I am not known for my cooking, I am also not known for my gardening skills.  Reminds me of something Kevin once said about me, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before…but it bears repeating. I’m sure he said this in response to a group of men talking about how funny, smart, football-savvy and young I am/was. ;)  He said, “if I could change one thing about her, it would be to instill a love of gardening”.  Yup…with all of my faults, and there is a laundry list, this is the best he can come up with?  Now, that should be a blog…but I digress.  :) That being said, while I do not necessarily love or enjoy gardening, I do like to have nice planters in front of my home and thought it would be nice to share some ideas for inspiration.  These fall planters, inspire me…I mean inspire me to find some ready to purchase.  #iamwhoiam

Dressing your fall planters 


This…is my favorite, btw.


I picked this, because I have a brick porch, and think this would look nice.


Looks so easy, even I could pull this off!


Pumpkins and cabage kale…the new black. ;)


One very large Mumm plant…with some colorful leaves.  Looks, doable.


I love throwing a small pumpkin or some gourds into a planter.


I’m clearly leaning towards purple… Team Kourage colors, btw.



Possibly out of my wheelhouse, but I’m certain others could pull this off.


Square planter.  Nice!



6a2c0dd7c7143cfcb8e8086687be825a f944cb9c650f3beb01857421d3d46447 d062ee560baf8795d10ae975999b82d8

A plethera of cute ideas!


How clever is this?


Mumms and fall leaves.  Easy.


I like the arrangement of stacking the pots and pumpkins on the steps.



Again, possibly out of my wheelhouse (yeah, definitely out of my wheelhouse), but I find it Fabulous!


I like the cascading plants.


Another cute idea.





I like the idea of painting pumpkins white… and the mumms inside the pumpkins…love it!

Martha Stewart Fall Tips:

  • A good rake not only gets the leaves up, but also aerates your soil. Good to know.
  • It’s time to prune boxwoods and shrubs. Use hand shears to shape. “Pruning is so much fun” says Martha.
  • Planting bulbs individually can be time consuming. Instead, dig out your area and apply fertilizer. Place your bulbs in the ground, root down. Make sure they are nicely spaced. Then cover the area with soil.
  • Bring color onto your porch with Fall planters. Add colorful perennials and gourds.


Song of the Day:  Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Meredith and I went to see it last night, at the iPic, complete with wine.  Fabulous night and so happy I was able to be with Mer when she first saw this movie.   Sorry Stephanie, could not join us.  #nexttime

My favorite line from the movie:  “You’re a stylish girl…can’t we handle this stylishly”?  This should apply to all areas of life.


Thought of the week.  Those Matthew McConnaughey Lincoln commercials kinda freak me out.  #strange #notsellinganycars

Have a great weekend.  Go Bears (coming off 2 losses, but looking straight in the eye for a Win)!  And, Hello Blackhawks!! And whatever you do…handle it “stylishly”.









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Said no one ever!

Must Love Dogs…

9 Oct


Two years ago, to the day, my dad passed away.  It still hurts, and I miss him (and my mom) every day, but we are so lucky to have been blessed with the responsibility of taking care of his dog, Murphy.  To say my family loves Murphy would be a pretty big understatement.  Obsessed is more like it.  She brings us such joy and happiness.  I cannot even imagine our life without this 100 LB (only girl whom I would ever reveal her weight…or age) giant schnauzer.  Murphy will be 11 this month.  We don’t know the exact day, as she was a rescue dog, and DOB just indicated, October 2003.  So, today we shall celebrate Murphy’s 11th birthday!

Murphy Sept 2012

It’s only fitting that I share an article I found on Huffington Post that tells us what dogs can teach us.  Of course, I could say it in 2 words: A lot.  But I tend to be wordy, so here it is.

Here are 10 things dogs can teach us about what matters most in life:

1. Live in the moment.
Although dogs remember things like where the treats are kept, what street takes them home and who they’ve met before, they only access that information when they need it — in the moment. Whether they’re eating a bowl of kibble or chasing a ball, dogs live for the present moment. The past is gone; you can’t do anything about it. The future is unknown. The only thing you can really enjoy and affect is the present moment.

2. Overcome fear with love.
There are plenty of stories about frightful, aggressive dogs who transformed into kind, gentle dogs after they were placed in a loving environment. Dogs can overcome their fear and insecurities through love, and so can humans. Love truly does conquer all, and the first step for us is to love ourselves. If you can replace fear and self-criticism with self-love, no matter what situation you’re in, life gets easier.

3. Don’t hold grudges
A grudge is a feeling of resentment toward someone. It originates in our mind. Humans are probably the only species that holds a grudge. A dog will never be angry with you because you didn’t give him a treat after dinner last night. Holding a grudge weighs you down emotionally and keeps you from moving forward in life. Let grudges go and you will create your own personal freedom.

4. Play every day.
Dogs love to play, which usually involves lots of movement, whether it’s running, chasing or jumping. This is a good reminder for us to play and move our bodies every day as well. Playing opens up your mind and spirit to all kinds of new ideas and creativity. It’s a needed break from the constant 24/7 work environment. And if you can exercise while you play, even better. Dogs actually give you a reason to get out and go walking, hiking, running, biking or even Rollerblading. (Although, I wouldn’t recommend Rollerblading if you have dogs that pull like I do. Very fun for them. Very scary for you!)

5. Jump for joy when you’re happy.
Have you ever seen a dog circling around or jumping up and down at the thought of getting a treat or chasing a ball? Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all jump around when we’re excited about something? We live life so fast that we often forget to get excited and celebrate the good times because we’re already on to the next thing. We live in a miraculous world where the sun comes up every day, flowers bloom and seasons change. There is much to jump for joy about.

6. Accept yourself.
Can you imagine a terrier wishing she were a boxer or a poodle envious of a collie’s mane or a pug wanting the nose of a greyhound? We humans spend a lot of time trying to make ourselves look like someone else’s version of perfection instead of loving our unique features, our unique life, and yes, our unique problems. How boring it would be if all dogs (or all humans) looked and behaved alike! Love everything about yourself — the good, the bad and the ugly!

7. Enjoy the journey.
When dogs go for a car ride, they stick their head out the window, smell the air and feel the wind against their fur. They don’t care where they’re going. They’re just enjoying the journey. Although goals are great to set, we often forget that it’s the journey that matters most. When we get too attached to the outcome, we set ourselves up for frustration, depression or even anger if our exact expectations are not met. Next time you set a goal, be open to other possibilities and enjoy every moment of excitement, creativity, fun and lessons in the journey.

8. Drink lots of water.
Dogs instinctively know when their bodies need water. They usually stop eating when they’re full, and won’t eat anything that seems poisonous to them, except of course, for one of my huskies who once ate an entire platter of chocolate rum balls. Anyway… back to water. It’s a good reminder for us to stay hydrated and drink when we’re thirsty. In fact, drinking water when you feel hungry is good for weight management because often you just need some water. Another good practice is to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

9. Be loyal and dependable.
Dogs are pack animals. They stick with their pack. They play with their pack. They defend their pack. This is a great reminder for all of us to be conscientious members of our human pack. The Golden Rule of treating others how you would like to be treated applies here. Being a loyal and dependable friend, lover, sibling, partner or parent will enrich your life in many ways.

10. Love unconditionally.
No matter what, dogs love you unconditionally. They wag their tails when they see you, no matter what mood you’re in. They still want to give you big wet kisses, even if you’ve just yelled at them. And they instantly forgive you no matter how you behave. Loving others unconditionally is a difficult task, but it’s the one that would surely make the world a better place if we all just tried.

So, we can learn a lot from our dogs. Their companionship, loyalty and unconditional love is unmatched by any human standards.


Here are some favorite pics of Murph.

Murphy April 1

She never met a lounge chair she didn’t like.


Just relaxing on a family room chair.


Murph, the Queen.


Murph greeting me when I came home after a quick trip.


She will literally sit on the other couch, and stare at me when I’m working on my computer on the other couch.  :)


Happy girl.  She will do this several times on every walk.  She throws herself to the ground, and rolls around.  Sometimes she even barks while doing this, which we believe is quite the talent.


Just a little afternoon nap.


Sweet Murph.


Team Kourage puppy.


Don’t worry Pop…we are taking great care of Murphy, and love her as much as you did.


Other Great Dog Pics

4808657bb6c03c832b383d2062202e94 08be174d65422d54cbea6e43f1876c3e


Song of the Day:  Escape by Enrique Iglesias, because Murph can be a flight risk…but not to run away, but to see what else is “out there”.

Happy, Happy Birthday Murph!  We love you, puppy!!






This makes me laugh, every time I see it.  :)  Steph…this one’s for you!

this one's for mer

Mer Mer…this one’s for you!


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Article Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/debbie-gisonni/lessons-from-dogs_b_5556867.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063

10 Things a Stylish Woman Knows

3 Oct


A friend recently said to me, “you’re the most Stylish person I know”.  I of course disagreed, because I cannot accept a compliment (bad character trait, but one I’m working on)…but in reality, I really am Not that stylish.  I do have a lot of clothes, and try to wear what I like, what fits, and hopefully, what looks good on me.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I found this little nugget, about what a Stylish woman knows.  Most are common sense, but this does provide some good guidelines.  I’m about guidelines, not always rules.  #duh


10 Things Every Stylish Woman Knows

A STYLISH woman never looks like she tried too hard, it just seems to come to her so naturally! But how does she do it? Heres how. 

stylish woman copy

She knows what looks good on her so she only buys what she likes
Every woman needs a wardrobe that works for her. But a stylish woman knows that the secret to underpinning any wardrobe is investing in the basics. She starts with the classic trench, the little black dress, the perfect tailored jacket, a gorgeous tank watch – and builds from there
cb69e62a2161bcdca4ef1842cd731a10 304b84cb92c06f30b10c050b56054ccd
A stylish woman goes for the over-the-top outfit or statement item.
Then she owns the look
She never wears one label head to toe! She knows that it’s about layering
the new with the old or mixing textures, colours and styles – and labels!
A stylish woman wears her op-shop or vintage flea market finds the
same way she would her designer pieces
I bought the above handbag, at an auction.  It’s vintage, I believe from the 1940’s…and love, love, love it!
 She has shoes, shoes and more mores.
Oh, did I mention the importance of shoes?
Always thrown on, but always makes a statement and done just the right way
1e74485c2242ef217eb108e65b13dc76 a9a26f649a607e6faf8ac48ad13b26a0
A stylish woman never buys into trends and she never carries the new  it bag
I do stear away from any handbags that others may carry.  Which is why I stay clear from Michael Kors (though I love) Coach, Kate Spade or Tory Burch.  If I do carry any of these bags, I try and choose ones that are more “off the beaten path” and not ones you’d see all over Michigan Ave.  
Just as important as finding the right beautician
and perfect hairdresser. When you find one, make
 them your best friend
A well-tailored suit or dress stands out in a crowd.  
f50279844bde6155b35a30d5e3248b04 b1f18bc82105056040451ff579f5adb3
And, finally, she clearly understands that every day is not a fashion shoot or catwalk show.  #Amen
I am imperfect, every single day.  
580b5fbe99e2822e08e85af656ebcba9Speaking of imperfect…How about those Chicago Bears?  Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.  They were certainly no where Near perfect.  Not sure why, but I always think the Bears are going to win.  Always.  Even when we are down by over 20 points at halftime. #optimistic.  It’s how I live my life.  Thankfully, we were watching with fun people, which helped take the sting out of that loss.  #Jumpingshow
Song of the Day:  Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.  Thanks Catherine for a Fabulous concert!

Today is my last birthday lunch.  I believe I’ve had 3 weeks of lunches, and probably 11 LBs to show for it.  Best. Month. Ever!  Fun weekend with Bridal Shower for Ronnie with an after-party, because that’s how we roll.  Zack is in town to help Meredith continue her birthday celebration…oh yeah, Football Sunday!  Will work on losing the remnants of those birthday lunches on Monday. :)
Have a great weekend…oh, and Go Bears. :)
 cdb84b1751d8cd8cd1e90135b5f04bc3 4230a6a161c21f7ce1601e77b293576f f30e20632557a0471ddbe5045aea499a
5885501df56db86a3cb4ecefd4ec4ccc 51c123008e02c037b08bd08bba8a6ece

Source:  http://www.styleright.com.au/#!10-Things-Every-Stylish-Woman-Knows/c1uze/5BF9F228-D4B5-44A4-B009-59617D49E712

October is All About PINK!

1 Oct




Reminder to schedule your annual Mammogram.

HCA-YearlyMammogram (1)


All things PINK


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Song of the Day:  Raise your glass, by Pink

Don’t be fancy, just get dancy
Why so serious?



Best time ever sharing the best wine ever with the best friend ever.  The birthday celebrations continue! :)



Homecoming!  Second picture with me, Patrick, Mary and Mary’s mom, Deb.


Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous… Love that.  Live that!





Tracy…this one’s for you! :)


Mer Mer! :)



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