8 Ways to make High Heel Shoes more Comfortable

1 Aug


It seems I just can’t get enough of blogging about shoes.  And, if you just can’t enough of high heels… here are 8 tips for making the glory less painful, found on Bustle (www.bustle.com).  My comments in PINK.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little height for the ability to walk through a room with ease, consider shaving down the heel. For around $15, a shoe repair shop like Steve Express Shoe Repair in New York City can simply cut off a portion of the spike. According to Steve, the owner, the maximum that’s usually removed is “around an inch.” Any more and you would feel the difference in the shoe’s arched construction.  I’m thinking keep those heels high, and only wear then when you are sitting at a bar…not prancing about the streets.  Why buy fabulous high heels, if you are going to shave them down?


Gel insoles solve a lot of heel-wearing problems. For one thing, they can prevent toes from scrunching and thereby prevent blisters. Dr. Scholl’s sells high heel insoles with arch shaping to keep pressure off your foot. If your toes are constantly sliding forward in your shoes, there’s even a cushion designed to hold the ball of your foot in place. The gel inserts stick to your shoe insoles well but are also easy to swap among your shoes. The product’s website advises to replace them every six months, or when they start to tear.  These truly are life savers…or feet savers.  There are also, many other brands, and I’ve tried them all.  I haven’t found one necessarily better than another, but always have a spare in my carry-on, or car, just in case!



You don’t have to be a Next Top Model fan to know that when it comes to walking in heels, Tyra actually does know what she’s talking about. Perhaps that’s why she created this video. A few rules from Tyra: Realize you’re not on a casual stroll in sneakers and that posture is essential to adding flow to your stride. The correct way to walk in heels involves keeping your head and spine straight, as if you’re being pulled up by a string. As you walk, use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step you take. Your paces should look more like a light bounce than like you’re saving yourself from a fall. Since wearing your heels means your feet no longer form a 90 degree angle with your ankles, changing your gait will help you readjust your body’s center of gravity and find balance. You still won’t feel like you’re walking on clouds, but this method will at least make heels feel more bearable.

I’m including the video of how Tyra tells you to change how you walk, in case you want to do this.  I’m always concerned to make sure I don’t fall, so not sure I can change how I walk, but you may have better luck. :)



On its website, Leather Spa, a popular shoe repair shop in the heart of Manhattan, recommends not wearing heels more than two days in a row, with at least a day’s break in between. If you want to keep walking four inches off the ground, you’ve got to give your feet time to recover in between.  Another trick is to change shoes throughout the day, if you have the luxury in which to do so.  Many women I know keep different pairs of shoes under their desk (matching, of course), to give their feet different breaks throughout the day.  



Have you ever noticed how frustrating it is to deal with your feet slipping out of your heels the minute they leave the ground? Even worse, loose shoes often make you drag your feet in an attempt to prevent them from falling out. Heels with straps, ties, or buckles over the ankle or feet offer a solution. Go for adjustable straps to accommodate swelling.  I have thick ankles, but they’re weak…not sure how that happened, so I do like loosening up my straps, but not too loose, because it can cause me to fall.  #clumsy

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Also known as “second skin,” moleskin is not actually animal hide (fortunately) but soft cotton flannel with adhesive backing. Sold in sheets and available in most drug stores and online, you can cut and customize the shape of moleskin to cover any trouble spots you have on your feet. It molds to the shape of your feet better than a bandage, and unlike a bandage, it won’t hang off your Achilles after half a day of walking.

My friend Laura, sent me this note, after she gave me a pair of Dr. Scholl’s ballet flats, because she knows I always wear high heels…and suffer afterwards: “My new thing is moleskin as a PREVENTIVE measure and NOT after the bloody stumps have begun crying.  My mom’s feet grew a size with each baby and now wears a TWELVE.  Not much to choose from in fashion footwear for her.  I will probably NEVER give up sexy shoes.  Except for my cowboy boots, circa 1978…  something about the attitude walk they create. “



Model Molly Sims recommends going half a size up when shopping for heels, and Franklin Polun, a Potomac, Md.-based podiatrist, advises going shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are swollen from activity. A little wiggle room can mean much more comfort.

When it comes to the too-tight heels you already own, you have a couple of options. You can either take them to a cobbler to have them stretched, or you can also invest in a shoe stretcher for heels (Footsmart sells them for $25 each), which also cuts down the time it take to break heels in when they’re brand new.

Another trick is to put on thick socks, put on your shoes, and use a blow dryer on the tight areas.  I have used this trick, and it works!



It’s amazing how much the shape of your shoe impacts the comfort. For instance, platforms (this kind, not the ones Elton John wore in the 70s) cut down the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet. That means they’re not as taxing on your arch, which is especially good when you’re towering on at least three inches. A rounder toe box is also worlds more comfortable and better for your feet, because it allows your toes to lay flat. However, pointy toes are doable as long as the point stretches out instead of stopping right where your toes would rest.

The square-toed shoe is most comfortable, but not always in style… give your feet a break if you choose to wear pointy toed shoes, because, while they’re super cute, your feet are squished in them. 




More Shoe Tips

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The higher the heels, the closer you are to God. :)

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Song of the Day:  Rude, by Magic!  “marry that girl”…


Such a fun weekend, with the continuation of KevinPalooza, and a wedding tomorrow.  Only attractive people in attendance at the wedding, but we are gonna dance like No one attractive is watching!  Best. Weekend. Ever!!


Me and my life-long besties…celebrating and fawning all over Donna!  And tomorrow, we celebrate Donna and Bruce!  Can. Not. Wait!

Good luck sweet, Meghan on your journey to Australia!!  Safe travels, honey!!








Take note.


Or, in my case, Publish!



One word:  Shenanigans!  :)


Source:  http://www.bustle.com/articles/17355-8-ways-to-make-high-heel-shoes-comfortable

Stepping (or Stepped) into Summer…All about Shoes!

30 Jul




I love shoes, but what girl doesn’t?  Plus, I know many men (Patrick!) who share this same love…and quite frankly, many men who should probably pay more attention to what’s on their feet. :)  But today’s blog is about women’s shoes, and I will promise there will be one for men in the not too distant future.  #alwaysthinkingofothers

And I’m well aware that some may say that “summer is half over”, why blog about summer shoes now?  Well, I think we still have almost a month left of summer, (power of positive thinking) or if we were to split hairs, almost 2 months, as the end of summer happens to coincide with my birthday, September 21st, and there is plenty of time to wear these cute summer shoes!

An Etcetera consultant, and blogger (not this Etcetera consultant and blogger), penned a fabulous blog about spring  shoes, which I’d like to share, because it applies to summer shoes as well.  I do have to say, some of these shoes are a bit “out there”… and even I, a gal who loves style and fashion, would be hard pressed to wear these.  But, I do find some of these styles interesting… Plus, I’ve put pics of shoes I like at the end of the blog.  #DressedtoaT. :)  My comments in her “blog” are not in italics, and are in Pink.

If there’s ever  a way to put a spring in my step, it’s going shopping for a new pair of shoes….or two ….or three.   So let’s get down to the heart and “sole” of the matter and examine 6 of the styles that dominated the runways of New York, London, Paris, and Milan for Spring/Summer 2014!

1)       The Single Sole Pump-   The average pump has been tweaked for the season with the addition of the skinny ankle strap.  By “pumping” it up with the strap, the shoe has more sex appeal and adds a subtle edge to office attire, then becomes totally sexy for date night or an evening out dancing! Think strappy!  Beware if you have thick ankles, because the strap can emphasize them.  


2)      Shear-Plastic-See Through-    This shoe is cutting edge, futuristic, and plain cool….figuratively and LITERALLY!  With almost the entire foot revealed, this shoe can let you feel the breeze on a hot Spring afternoon. Look for unexpected cutouts, clear plastic, and netted mesh.   I can’t imagine wearing shoes like this.  I like to hide my feet, not show them through plastic.  Though these are not totally plastic, and I, perhaps, could envision these on my feet.  


3)      Summer Booties  -The bootie has been with us for several seasons now and this Spring is no exception.  While we have been wearing a semi-chunky version,  this Spring, the bootie goes a “step above” with exposed heels, peep toes, or a host of cutouts.  Pair them with a sundress, shorts, and of course, a slim leg pant.  I’m a big fan of the bootie.  Plus, I like to pair my booties with leggings.  Not to be confused with shaking my bootie! :)

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4)      Mules- While this look harkens back to another decade, this  Spring, the mule is chic and redefined.  This style can work by day with a casual dress or shorts, with a suit if the mule is sleeker in design, and always a great choice with jeans.  I am a big fan of the mule!  To wear on my feet, not to ride.  

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5 ) Athletically Challenged-  For those who like to think “outside the shoe-box, ” try out a CHIC SNEAK…ER!   They were commanding the Spring runways in the form of a Ked with a platform to a plastic coated running shoe to the most radical…what I am calling a “ Birkenstock meets a bright-colored sandal”….As I said,  a bit radical, but some fashionistas can pull off the look. Never in a million years would I ever, ever, ever…I mean, really?


5)      Pointed Flat-   They were hot in the 50’s and 60’s, brought back in the 80’s, and sprinkled into the fashion mix of late.  But this Spring, the “pointy flat” is flat out HOT!  While it’s not exactly the most comfortable shoe, the pointy flat gives an outfit flair and sophistication that you can’t always get with a “rounded toe” flat.  The pointy flat also can elongate the leg….something that a rounded toe flat does not do.  Worn with all white, this shoe makes a statement and can be found with tons of embellishments….from polka dots to stripes, to bows and beads.  Don’t be afraid to make it a dress shoe with a fancier outfit.  Love me some pointed flats.  But beware, they can tend to squish your toes!  So just don’t wear them all day.  

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BC - Copy


With so many styles, there is bound to be one…..or two…..or three pairs that are right for you.  If the  shoe fits, BUY IT!


7 Summer Shoe Trends – These may be more your style.  Though, speaking for myself, not a fan of Birkenstocks (which truly are all the rage this summer, but not for me) or clogs.  But, as I like to say, to each his/her own.





Summer Shoes I love… And yes, it’s going to be hard to hide my feet, while wearing some of these, but hoping these shoes will razzle dazzle, hence, distracting people from glancing at my feet.  #hammertoes  #iwillneverstopwearinghighheels


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Shoe Eye Candy… I mean, Who doesn’t like looking at fabulous shoes?  I’d ask for a show of hands, but I wouldn’t see any!



To beautiful shoes…there’s always room for more!

How about a shout out to National Lipstick Day, which happened to coincide with Kevin’s birthday.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I believe it’s Karma’s way of making Kevin’s birthday, somehow about me as well! :)



Happy, Happy Birthday Kev!



Song of the Day:  Invisible Touch, by Genesis… Kevin’s favorite song.  #bestwifeever

My favorite line of the week:  This Fitbit is a bit stingy on the steps!  You are so right, Tracy!


Peace, love and fun in the sun!















Street Style

25 Jul


I think we need more pictures of fashion… I can tell people have had enough of happiness, me dancing on bars (well, truly how can That get old), My favorite things, let alone a blog rebuttal on that, so we are going back to fashion, since this is DRESSEDTOAT…

Ok, what, exactly is this “street style” that I keep seeing and hearing about?  When I see pictures of so-called “street style”, it looks like something I’d be styling, when I’m feeling “edgy”.    But many of the shoes featured, should not be worn out and about walking on the streets.  Especially these cobblestone streets.  You are just asking for trouble!

According to Ask.com:  Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged from the grassroots. It is generally associated with the youth in urban areas. It is often characterized by brightly coloured clothes and hair with crepe shoes and heavy makeup.

But in googling and checking it out on Pinterest, it appears that Street Style is just people out and about, looking stylish.  Not models, not actresses, no photo shoot…but real people, “on the streets”.  Hence, “Street Style”.

Here are some of my favorite Street Style looks

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And More…not necessarily “street style”, as some of these do look rather “posed and professional”…but great looks, nonetheless!

street style 2 street style 3 street style 4 street style 5 street style 6 0a6e51b69566a1e8b74d902f2c25975e

Great summer night with my Besties, celebrating Meghan’s last night at TK, before she’s off to Australia for a year…and put a little shrimp on the barbie!  Like she’s never heard That before!  #trueoriginal


Song of the Day!  Viva la Vida, by Coldplay!  Mine and Carolyn’s fav!!

A few comments from the week:

1.   Why would anyone wait in line for an elevator for 20 minutes to go the 2nd floor!  SMH

2.  A night with friends, as I’ve said before, is truly the best medicine.

3.  Mosquitos in Chicago this summer have been the size of small birds.

4.  I’m getting many requests to do a blog on my UNFAVORITE things.  And I’m going to do just that.  As my friend “C” said this week, after telling me how she got a speeding ticket, and I retorted, “well, at least you weren’t drunk”…and she said, “Leave it to you to always put a positive spin on things”.  Then gave me some suggestions about a Unfavorite things blog…And yes, I do get it that perkiness and happiness can be exhausting. How do you think I feel?

5.  I did my first Fireball shot this week.  With Kristy.  Not sure what all the fuss is about, but I do have to say, some shenanigans followed suit.  What happens at TK’s…stays at TK’s…   Or in Carolyn’s purse!  :)

6.  And yes, I’m aware my blog is posted late today.  Sometimes life gets in the way of my blog schedule…And, again, just because I have 98 blogs “in the hopper”, does not a published blog make.  But, thank you for noticing, and looking for it.  Truly, tickles my fancy.

Someone sent this to me, this week… Again, tickled my fancy!  #mademyday  I’m going to pay this forward, btw…to those whom I find “super fabulous”… check your inboxes, FB pages, texts, etc…

super fabulous

Getting ready for KevinPalooza…and Donna and Bruce’s wedding.  Upcoming Best. Week. Ever.





be fancy



online shopping photo 322 photo 444


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Blog Rebuttal…to Girl’s in White Dresses…my 6th Blog of My Favorite Things

21 Jul



Well… so, perhaps I didn’t give as much thought to last week’s blog, Girl’s in white dresses with blue satin sashes…as I should have.  I’ve had to address a few challenges regarding that blog, which I shall choose to do in a “public forum”.  When I get more than one  or two “challenges” on a blog, I’ve determined that it’s best to do a rebuttal.   #alwaysaimingtoplease

1.  Tracy is your “solesister”?  I am your “soulsister”, as we are actually related.  ;)   (Megan)

Yes, Megan, you and I are actually related, as we are actual sisters.  I love you, btw.  Tracy and I happened to wear the same pair of sandals, to Ravinia, the same night, but in different colors…hence, we are SOLEsisters.  Get it?

terry and megan at madonna

Me and my SOULsister


Me and my SOLEsister

2.  Speaking of SOLEsisters…“How did “our” Jack Rogers sandals not make this list? I demand a recount!” (Tracy).

Correct, Tracy, aka, my “solesister”, our Jack Roger sandals are super cute, however the picture of our feet sporting them, isn’t as lovely as I like to share on my blog, so I neglected to include them as part of my Favorite Things… And quite frankly, not sure yours are pedicured in the manner in which your many, many fans have become accustomed, should I have chosen to include our picture.  Because you used a very hip and trendy (which I am neither) Instagram filter, this pic is in black and white, so you can’t tell the color of my sandals.  The sandals are actually Black (Tracy) and yellow…think sunflower yellow (Terry).  #solesisters.  To further my point, my feet are sporting the yellow sandals with the french pedicure.  Tracy is wearing black sandals, and perhaps due to her ‘quite active social life’, she didn’t have the chance to visit the spa to have her toenails painted.  Tracy is much more busy (and popular) than I.  But I still love her!  #notjealous #stepstool

# 14 Favorite Thing.  Jack Rogers Sandals

10488977_10152574264486532_1037278893_n (1)


3.  Hey!  I got you those Govina glasses for Christmas (Cinda)

Correct, Cinda, you did.  I was doubly blessed last holiday season with 2 sets of these Govina glasses.  I now have 2 sets, 8 glasses.  I stand corrected.  Best. Gift. Ever.  Cinda and Tracy rock as friends!  Hopefully next year, they will both add to my Tiffany diamonds by the yard collection.  #thatwouldbefabulous.




So, there, I, and my previous blog stand corrected.  :)



Closure is good for the heart. :)

I think I need a Song of the Day!  Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind!

And a very Happy Birthday Steven!! xoxo

Peace out!




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Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…the 6th edition of my favorite things

18 Jul




My 6th edition of my favorite things.  My, how time flies when you are having fun!  So, a few things to get off my chest, before we dive into my favorite things.  I’ve been asked why don’t I feature myself in the fashions I wear, or carry, but instead post pics of others?  Because I don’t think anyone wants to see what I’m wearing, per se, plus, I really don’t like pictures of myself…unless they’re with the kids, Kev, or my friends.  Those are “social pics”, not modeling what I’m wearing.  Second… How did the 30-day Ab challenge go?  #notsogreat.  I was doing swell with it, until the 17th or 18th of the month, but a summer of peace, love and fun in the sun, got in the way of my desire for better Abs.  Plus I’m so easily distracted, I ended up forgetting about it for about a week.  #absnotofsteel.   So I am going to dial that back up again.  Starting today.  Third…How is my screenplay coming?  Let’s discuss my abs of steel. :)  Let’s just say, I’m not quite at my “first draft”, yet.  Thankfully, the summer is still young, so I have time.  Lastly, are there “hidden messages” in my Song of the Day?  Seriously?  I’m almost flattered people think I’m this clever.  No, these are just songs that I like…and if I hear a song on my iPhone, and hit repeat…there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be a song of the week.  Truly, just songs I like or like to listen to, on my 3-4x/day walk with Murph.  Plus, I repeat the songs, mostly unbeknownst to me.  I’m trying not to do that moving forward.



My Favorite Things – 6th Edition

1.  Fitbit – I’ve mentioned this prior in my post about Father’s Day…and Kevin, is now a believer (not a Belieber, btw).  Measures your steps, with a goal of 10,000 steps/day, as well as sleep, calories burned, water consumption… You get the picture.  $99.  www.fitbit.com.  And you can buy different bands, so you can coordinate with your outfit.  Even Tory Burch has jumped on the bandwagon, with her own Fitbit Collection.  What’s disappointing, is the day the Tory Burch bands came out, they were sold out before I could place my order.  But I still have the additional bands, I ordered from Amazon, so I don’t have to just wear the black one…even though black continues to be the new black.  Plus, I have Kevin’s second band, so I do have options in which to accessorize my outfits!



Tory-Burch-fo-Fitbit (1)


The above are from the Tory Burch for Fit Bit collection.  Sadly, none are mine.  But truly, for $35 or so, for the blue, you can get 6 or 7 on Amazon, in a plethora of colors.  The gold version, in the bracelet,  is what I’m thinking of, for myself.  #birthdayhint


fitbit time

Oh lookie here…20,000 steps.  Would be impressive, if those steps weren’t accumulated with 90 minutes of dancing at an Earth, Wind and Fire concert! However, the steps still counted.  #legsofsteel  The sleep issue, isn’t so impressive.  20x restless?  Yeah, quite the shocker.


2.  Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – though I call it Summer Shanty. My favorite new beer.  First tried it while boating with my family, and have never looked back.  Truly, may replace Stella as my favorite beer, and I never thought I’d say that!  It’s pretty light and I can drink 3 of them!  Of course, if I lessen the number of Summer Shandy’s, I may not have the Ab challenge staring me down in the future!



3.  Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 5 case with space for credit card or ID – not both…and I keep my key from the Resort at Pelican Hill there, because of some very favorite memories there, and when I glimpse it, and see the key, it automatically makes me smile.  I actually love that resort so much, that I should make it one of my favorite things, or even devote an entire blog about it.  For the main reason, that my first impression of this resort, from a few years ago was Not good, and did not only not exceed my expectations, but it didn’t meet my expectations.  Thankfully, that has now all changed.  And I keep a reminder of it in my Lilly iPhone case!  Would work great for a college student, when they always need to have their ID handy.




Our home away from home.

4.  Tory Burch backpack – works great for my carry on, for the plane (not for the luggage though), and I just love the sassy, nautical stripes, and extra pockets, to hold, who knows what I like to stash?!  This is the 3rd mention this bag has gotten in my blog.  Should tell you how much I’m loving it.


5.  Tiffany bracelet – never take it off.   Diamonds by the yard, though my bracelet is probably only 7″.  #sizematters.  I wear it on the same wrist as the Fitbit.  And lookie here…Kate Middleton is wearing the same bracelet as me!  Trendsetter!!


6.  Joel Gott Chardonnay – my new “go-to” Chardonnay.  Actually, Flowers Chardonnay is my new “go to”, but at $105/bottle (in restaurants), I’m thinking I’ll stick with Joel Gott.  Screw top cap, is a nice little bonus.  About $15 in the stores.



7.  Movie, Draft Day – It came and went in the theaters in a flash, but I have to say, I loved it… Really loved it.  I mean a football movie, which is rather a “chick flick” with Kevin Costner.  Doesn’t get better than that!  And it will be coming out on DVD/Netflix early September.  Can’t wait!



8.  Govino plastic wine cups, with the initial O on them.  They are super light, and love that they have the thumb print cut out… I’ve mentioned these before in my Ravinia blog…and because they are so light weight, they didn’t add to the heavy lifting!  Also great for the beach, if one were to enjoy a adult libation, at the beach.  Greatest. Gift. Ever!  Thanks to my “solesister”, Tracy!




9.  Mac Viva Glam IV – I’ve mentioned before that my favorite lip color, Chic by Mac, has been discontinued… So, I’ve switched to Viva Glam IV.  Love, love, love it.  It’s a tad darker than Chic, but it works, and it’s my new fav lipstick.  I think it can work for most women.




10.  Mac Pro Longwear Lipliner – my new favorite lip liner.  I have never been able to keep color on my lips.  Never, ever, ever… this has now changed since I’ve been introduced to this lipliner.  Truly keeps my lip color on my lips.  I line the lips, then fill in the lips, then put on the lip color.  My color is more to love…I’m sure has no bearing on the eating and drinking I’ve done this summer.



11.  House of Cards – on Netflix…watched both seasons, and all I can say is OMG.  I’m hooked!  I totally understand binge-watching, and think it’s the only way to watch these shows.



12.  Husband’s Secrets, by Liane Moriarty.  Best beach read of the summer!  It’s about a housewife who finds out her husband did something terrible when he was young.  Do you turn him in or keep quiet for the sake of the family?  And no, this is not my autobiography, or my screenplay.  :)



13. Glass water bottles  – We fill these with double filtered water, and keep in the fridge, and this is the water we drink at dinner.  We just double filter by filling a Brita water pitcher with water from our Hinckley water cooler.  Voila.  Double filtered.  You can either buy these on Amazon, or upcycle the Lorina pink lemonade bottles, which I’ve done.  Or, have your brother-in-law, Mike, get one for you from Brit, one of our favorite restaurants in MN.    Water tastes so much better coming from a glass bottle, btw.

aaaacw-dtbgaaaaaaa2x0a lemonade


Favorite Sporting Moment of the summer.  Lebron going back to Cleveland!  You are welcome, Steven. xoxo.  And since I am not a fan of Lebron, I’m making an executive decision NOT to post a picture of him…but instead, will post one of me and Meredith, enjoying our summer. #shenanigans



Favorite pic of Murph… made it my screensaver.  Makes me smile every time I look at it.  Make your phone or laptop screensaver, something that makes you smile, because smiling is good.



Favorite piece of mail this summer – My Chicago Bears season tickets!  #SuperBowl2015



Song of the Day: Club Can’t Handle Me, by Flo Rida , featuring David Guetta)… truly makes you want to get up and dance.  I’m including the version with the lyrics, because when I saw this, I realized I basically had every single word wrong, with the exception of “I’m Rocking, I’m Rolling”.

Happy belated 21st birthday, to my sweet godchild, Kaitlin!  Love you honey!!  She looks great for 21, doesn’t she? ;)



Upcoming blogs:  A summer of lobster rolls (our favorite summer supper); Stepping into Summer – all about the season’s best shoes and Summer Beach Books.

Thrilled to be back in my hometown for a few days, and looking forward to a weekend with friends.  Possible pics to follow.  #duh

Peace, love and fun in the sun!




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The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness

15 Jul




A group of my friends got together to celebrate our friend’s birthday, for a fun dinner and then to see Motown the Musical.  Fabulous night.  What was even better, was our birthday gal, let’s call her “Robin”, sent a note to all of us indicating what we all “bring to the table”… To me:  “Always brings a positive presence, and a few jokes to the table”.  Truly made me happy.  And, that basically sums me up… I do try to always be positive.  I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I am for the most part, always happy.  It’s who I am, and I couldn’t change if I wanted to.   And I don’t want to, especially since a friend said to me, “you realize you are irritatingly happy?”.  Ha, loved That so much, I made it part of my Twitter profile.  :)

Oh yes, and I always bring a few jokes to the table.


Disclaimer…one of my favorite jokes, but I prefer the duck asking for Grapes… “Do you have any grapes”.  Best. Joke. Ever!


So…I do think I am genuinely a happy person, but I also think Happiness is/can be a choice.  This has been born and bred into me, and my siblings, forever, from my Mom.  “If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”.  I believe she stole that from Henry Ford, btw.  She is the one who always instilled in us the power of positive thinking, and it’s something that resonates with me, every day, and I hope I have passed this on to my children as well.    I wake up grateful and happy for what I’ve been blessed with.  And no, everything is Not perfect, but I do believe it’s important to try and look on the positive side of things.  What helps is to think of everything you are grateful for, every morning, before you even climb out of bed, and to be thankful for those blessings.  And, we all need a little reminder to be thankful for what we have, from time to time.

I saw this, liked it, and wanted to share.

the-abcs-of-genuine-happiness (1)



 The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness

Accept your reality

Be present. Be Bold.
Create something exciting.
Drink plenty of water. Dance
Exercise daily. Eat fresh foods
Feed your emotions. Face fear.
Go outside and observe nature. Give.
Hug often. Help others.
Ignite your passions.
Jump through your comfort zone.
Kiss passionately. Keep looking forward.
Laugh. Love. Learn to let go.
Meditate daily. Make goals
Never give up on what you want.
Own a pet. Observe beauty.
Pray, paint, play an instrument.
Quit a bad habit. Quite your mind.
Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself.
Smile. Sleep.
Take power naps. Talk Wisely
Unleash your strengths.
Vent. Visualize your dreams.
Walk. Write. Watch the sun set.
Xerox your smiling face.
Yell less. Yield to your thoughts.
Zap negativity

Life is short…Don’t put off your happy life!



I am working on my 5th edition of My Favorite Things…hope to have it done by Friday!



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Packing the Perfect Beach Bag

11 Jul


Packing my beach bag ranks up there with packing for Ravinia, and packing for a trip for me.  As savvy as a packer I can be, (wink wink) I do tend to overpack (yes, shocking, I know)…which means I end up carrying things that are heavy (or Kev or Patrick has to carry for me), so I probably need to rein this in, and do a better, well-thought out job of planning and packing for a day at the beach…or 6 weeks at the beach.  I have been savvy enough to make my beach bag, my carry-on, for the plane for my in-flight amusements, so that’s helped “lighten the load”, if you will.    #easilybored.

The following is a great post on packing the perfect beach bag from Kalyn at Creative Savings.  My comments are not in italics.


While I love spending a day in the sun and sand, I don’t necessarily love all the stuff we have to cart with us. From beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels, to body boards, and all sorts of beach toys, it can turn into a bunch of clutter that you may or may not always need to bring.

However, a beach bag is a completely different story. This stylish accessory is absolutely essential to carry along, and can make or break your entire trip.With the right tools in your tote, you will be prepped and organized to make your day it’s very best, and the following tips on how to pack the perfect beach bag will help you know exactly what to pack!


How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Choose the Right Tote

Beach bags come in all shapes, sized, colors, and materials, and you should purchase one based on the characteristics that are important to you. I like to quickly run through this list of questions depending on which beach I’ll be relaxing at:

  • Will I need multiple compartments to organize supplies?
  • Will it get really wet, and should I use a water resistant material?
  • Do I just want to be stylish today and coordinate with our swimsuits and towels?

Whatever beach bag you decide to use, just make sure you don’t mind sand in every crevice!

Ugh…I don’t like sand in any crevice, but do love looking at the ocean.  using baby powder will help the sand fall right off your body, and those crevices!  I have cute beach bags listed later on in the blog.

Stash a Mini Pouch

After you’ve chosen your tote, make sure you pack a mini pouch too. I used to waste time searching for my chapstick or phone because it inevitably would drift the very bottom of the beach bag and I always had to dig for it.

Now I keep a small pouch to carry both, as well as a variety of tools I think I’ll need, such as hand sanitizer and wet wipes, sunglasses, hairbrush, bobby pins, and a credit card. Another idea is to stash some bandaids and antibacterial ointment in there as well, just in case you have an incident with a sharp rock or broken shell.

I use my handy plastic zip totes, I got at Neiman Marcus.  I use them for my liquids when I travel, and use to hold “necessities”  so switching purses is easier…and will use in my beach bag.



Use Plastic Bags

In addition to the mini pouch, I like to use plastic bags to work double duty and protect my electronics. This not only keeps them from getting wet, but also eliminates potential scratches created by sand and shells.

Snack bags are also really handy for children who want to collect and save their shells {just make sure to rinse them thoroughly when you get home so they don’t smell!}, and I always try to include a few plastic grocery bags to hold wet clothing, swimsuits, and towels to keep them from soaking other items.

Bring extra plastic bags and plastic grocery bags…If you think you’ll need three, bring five!

Pack Extra Towels

I used to only pack one towel per person when we went to the beach, but then I realized I liked having extra towels on hand so I didn’t have to mix the ones we laid out on with the ones we used to dry off. It’s not fun laying on a wet towel!

Now I pack a few extra, and roll them tightly to save space. I like to stand them inside the bag so I can quickly grab one to set out once we arrive at our perfect spot.

One beach towel per person, is never enough.  We have a bag for towels alone.



Bring a Beach Read

What is a beach bag without a good book? There’s no better moment than being lost in a book while the waves are crashing in the background. It’s super relaxing and enough to put me to sleep sometimes!

It might not seem like it matters, but I try to be really selective about which book I bring. It shouldn’t be super intensive because there are bound to be interruptions. Instead, make it a fun read as a special treat, and keep it in a plastic bag if you’re afraid about the pages getting wet.

I like to take my basic Kindle because the cover protects the inside and the screen is easy to read in the bright sun.

What I like about “beach reads” is they are light and easy to zip through.


Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most essential item you can have in your bag. Even if you tan more than burn, you still need protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Choose an SPF that you feel most comfortable with, and apply it right after you get to the beach, and again after you’ve been in the water for a little bit. I’ve found that even water resistant sunscreens still come off and can leave fair skin vulnerable to burns.

My favorite is Australian Gold.




Plan for Drinks and Snacks

If you want to bring drinks and snacks along, either wrap the water bottles or cold soda cans in the towels to catch condensation, or pack an entirely separate tote bag or cooler.

Have a plan to dispose of everything when you’re finished, as no one likes a beach filled with trash. Pull out a plastic bag from your stash to collect all garbage, then tie tightly and drop off in a garbage bin before you leave.

We take a separate cooler for food and beverage…and always bring more water bottles then we envision using.  We also bring swedish fish (they won’t melt in the sun), carrots, celery and dip, chips, sandwiches and fruit.

Now that you know exactly what sort of beach bag to choose, how to pack it, and what to include, you’re ready to spend your perfect day at the beach!   Thanks Kalyn!



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While I was coveting the Chanel beach bag, the price tag of $2300 was a tad bit steep, so I just ordered the above one from Amazon, for $139.  #savvyshopper  #savvypacker


Be careful what you wish for! :)

taking a break beach


Song of the Day:  Beach Baby by First Class.

Best line of the week, from my sister Megan, in regards to my blog , Clearly You’re Not Speaking to Me?.  “Hey, if you’re going to dance on a bar, I think you have to expect that people are going to call you out on it”.  #whatever  #sisterlylove.  And, she does happen to be right, btw.  Of course she added, “How many other moms are cool enough to dance on a bar”?  Well, I happen to know many…and not sure I can be categorized as a “cool mom”, but I’ll take it nonetheless.  Thanks Meg!  :)

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Peace, love and fun in the sun…my new mantra, btw.





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This, is true, btw.  #eatinganythingthatdoesn’tmove


Source:  http://orgjunkie.com/2014/05/how-to-pack-the-perfect-beach-bag.html


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