I’m going back to college…

22 Apr

back-to-college-coloring-page I am going back to college….at least for 3 days this week.  ;)


Can.Not.Wait! College Student Illustration

Song of the Day:  American Girl by Tom Petty


Indiana University, Meredith and her Dunn Honeys and “Little 500″…Here I come!

Mer and Mom at Bulls Heat

More on Friday. :)

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet nephew, Joey!


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An Eggcellent Easter Blog…if I may so, myself.

18 Apr


An oldie…but goody!

Easter week… This is one of the latest Easters I can recall, yet it still snowed in Chicago this week.  I mean, for Pete’s sakes…and who is Pete, btw?  Onward, and upward…and let’s focus on Easter, and a fun-filled weekend.  We have a house-full this weekend, and yet, another short work week for me … #livingthedream.  And let us not forget the reason for Easter…

Easter Ideas…a Pictorial, if you will.  Featuring everything from basket ideas, to centerpieces, to egg decorating, to Easter frocks and bonnets and other Eggcellent things I’d love to share.

FROCKS - not sure everyone still dresses in Easter dresses and suits, but, just in case…Pretty sure Mer Mer and I will dress up accordingly, though not sure about Kevin and Paddy.  Men!  Boys!  So, here are so lovely Easter attire options:

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I own this dress… love, love, love it!  When it’s chilly, I pair it with a denim jacket, and usually pair it with silver chunky sandals.


Back in the day…not my day, but back in the day. :)


I will soon own this dress, as well. :)

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da303be95cd44bc7a9cf29aad80026cd 377e7805c23f8dd2b86f281ecb64346a ffddf37dd94d93644c1902ffc0b62a9d

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BONNETS - An Easter Bonnet represents the tail-end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption. (Wikipedia).  Women, will wear a hat/bonnet at the Kentucky Derby, or a derby party, but you’ll be hard-pressed to see anyone wearing one at church this Easter. Or, I should say, you’ll have a difficult time finding an Easter bonnet.  Derby hat, yes.  Easter bonnet, no.




Back in the day…this is more my day. :)

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Fill a Mason jar with pastel-colored M&Ms, and peeps…



Fill a baggie with gold-fish (crackers not the real deal), and tie top with green ribbon.



S’Mores…with a Peep, graham cracker and mini Hershey bar



Unravel the Cinnamon Rolls, and shape into a bunny…I need to find something else other than slivered almonds for the teeth, to accommodate my boys nut allergies.



Dip a pretzel rod in melted white chocolate, and add pastel-colored sprinkles



Dip marshmallows in melted chocolate, and add sprinkles






basket for husband




3 options for the husband…Kevin, is getting some ties and large Hershey bars.  Again, happy he doesn’t read this blog. :)


For the Cook


An Edible basket…like an edible arrangement

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The baseball lover

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For the wine lover

Easter next easterbasket easter-basket-prize1 Nightmare-Before-Easter-Basket



Easter Egg Dyeing Guide




Glittered Eggs.  So pretty.


Glue on colored confetti.  I believe this would take lots of patience…at least for me.  I have not been blessed with the gift of patience.


And throw a little vodka in there and you have Jello Shots for Easter brunch!  Lora…read up!


Egg Cake Pops!



A fun way to frost a cake… makes my teeth hurt to think about eating it…but looking at it, is all I need, quite frankly. ;)


Fruit Tart, topped with Fresh Fruit…you can fill with pudding or custard.


Arrange cupcakes in the shape of a bunny!  Love this, and will do this myself.


Just another cute idea on how to decorate your cake for Easter…Of course, this would be a total Grand slam, if they used Coconut, and not the white sprinkles…but the white sprinkles would still rock.


For your Vegetable tray…slice carrots, and use broccoli at the top for the stem…I’m bringing this to brunch.  Best brunch guest ever.



Dunk your peeps in melted chocolate, and pop on top of a straw.




I love this centerpiece (one above), made with decorated eggs, and flowers…I’m thinking this can be done with hollowed out eggs, and silk flowers, and you have it for many years to come.

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I’m absolutely Obsessed with these “floral” decorations.  They appear quite easy to do…it’s almost like I could do one myself!  Almost. :)




Fill the plastic Easter eggs with Privileges and coupons, instead of candy… or perhaps half with coupons the other half with candy. :)


Song of the Week…In honor of lent and Good Friday…Say a Little Prayer for You, the Aretha Franklin version…though I absolutely LOVE the one from My Best Friend’s Wedding…Thanks Steph for the suggestion!

Up with Peeps… a link to one of my favorite blogs ever!  I had such fun compiling the pictures for this.  Up with Peeps…the peeps that keep on giving. :)

Up with Peeps




Celebrating this week with my BFF, Lora, for her birthday!


Patrick playing the Easter Bunny at a children’s hospital, with some of his friends…love that boy…I mean, love that bunny!

Today, I believe I have a new blog follower!  Baby Asa – 7 lb 11 oz  – 21 inches, born around 2AM this morning…Congratulations to Ty and Gretchen…and proud Grandparents Cinda and Dave!  What a good Friday to be born!

Feeling very blessed…Happy Easter to all!










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Why limit happy to an hour? A Critical Discussion weekend.

11 Apr



Why indeed…why limit happy to an hour, when you can have a whole weekend of Happy…which is why we had a full-filled, Critical Discussion weekend, from Thursday till Sunday evening.  Yes, the band was back together again and a good time…make that Great time, was had by all.  Beth, Kathy, Stephanie, Tina, and Moi, gathered in Chicago for a weekend of laughter, libations, more laughter, a few tears, shenanigans,  some fabulous food, more malarkey, dancing and yet, more laughter and libations.  We even kept a “journal” of everything funny we said, because, Funny knows Funny!  Truly, we laughed until we cried.  Best. Weekend. Ever. And yes, I’ve been given grief from my critical friends for always having the Best of something…Well, it’s all how you look at things! :)



The Critical Weekend Journal


ever look at your bff

Yes, yes I have!  Welcome to Chicago, sweet Beth!


Nothing like some fresh berries in our Veuve!


Total Kathy… all dressed up and coiffed for an evening away from Critical Discussion.  #rootboost



Fun lunch at the Barrington Country Bistro.  It may be the booze talking, but we want more booze!


Impromptu Bloody Mary Bar, pre-gaming before our massages.  Note to file, next time make sure the “masseuse” understands, “Not too hard” does not equate to “hurt me till I squeal”.


Post-gaming at Shaw’s, after Foot Finesse…Beth needed many of these, to distract her from the immediate bruising after her massage. #boozing #bruising



4 drinks later!  Beth looks no worse for the wear… I, however, am. #needsmakeup


Because I look horrible in the picture before this, Beth was kind enough to send me this, so I’m plopping it into the blog!



The Critical Puppy stole my spot!  #andshesits


Beth…the keeper of the cash.  #workingfortheweekend


Critically exhausted




Critical’s personal Chef, Bob


Beth, practicing for DWTS, the Widow Edition, with Buddy. #DWTSWE



Beth is thirsty from dancing with Buddy. #whatnostella?


Critical Gifts!!


Critical with our Critical gifts…wearing our new Critical, monogrammed, nightshirts…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated. 
We’re gonna do it! 
Give us any chance, we’ll take it. 
Give us any rule, we’ll break it.
We’re gonna make our dreams come true. 
Doin’ it our way. 
Nothin’s gonna turn us back now, 
Straight ahead and on the track now. 
We’re gonna make our dreams come true, 
Doin’ it our way. 
There is nothing we won’t try, 
Never heard the word impossible. 
This time there’s no stopping us. 
We’re gonna do it. 
On your mark, get set, and go now, 
Got a dream and we just know now, 
We’re gonna make our dream come true. 
And we’ll do it our way, yes our way. 
Make all our dreams come true, 
And do it our way, yes our way, 
Make all our dreams come true 
For me and you.


Steph dancing with her Critical gifts.


Being this Fabulous is Exhausting, isn’t it Kathy P?  And to all a good night!

friends make the world beautiful








Terry and Beth after 2nd massage in two days…and this one was much more relaxing for Beth!  #undercover


Critical Wedding Weekend…Revisited





Finally, a picture with our BF, William Floyd, where Steph doesn’t have her eyes closed!!




A sampling from our Critical Weekend Journal…

* You can’t win the warm-up!

* I was Homecoming Queen…and my king was black

* I’m not trying to pick up your son

*$40 is not $55, sir

*I don’t keep score…however…

* #crickets

* Harrison and Patrick…Midnight to Noon

*Meteorology is like reading a GPS

*We went to a milestone birthday party…which was a lot less than you might think

*Geoff will pick us up so we don’t get thrown in jail

*Got more time than money

*Pinterest is ruining the country…or for those trying to give a shower or plan a wedding

*I bounce back more than most people

*I didn’t say one more round…I said another round

*Have you seen her?  She has NO hair!

*Call me after 9PM and I’m slurring

*I got the noon on this one

*Go big or go home

*Trouble with my wife…been there, done that

*Yeah, always on the news…”Mauled by a Golden Retriever”

*And I’m in my Kicky boots

*Tag me so my peeps can see how pretty I am

*Once you’ve been to Turkey, where do you go?

* #water under the bridge

*I understand the south…I’ve seen The Blind Side

*She is not attractive to begin with

*3 glasses of wine at lunch…I call that Friday

*Singing like a canary


*You aren’t a domestic goddess…but you are a goddess

*Wasn’t aware there were a lot of Princesses from NC

*Can’t make it hurt.  I’m Catholic

*Take it to Widow Beth

*That wine is perfect, but can I have it in a cold glass?

*Rachel said don’t tag me in your BS

*Beth:  I feel like I just had the sh*t beaten out of me (referring to her one-hour massage).

*He’s not really warming up to us.  Beth can you go make out with him?

*Kathy:  I would love to go to a country western bar. Terry:  Put a needle in my eye

*Who goes out with their kids and doesn’t drink?

*Give us the cliff notes version, please

* The older we get…less beds, more bathrooms

*A hat is an all-day decision

* You can’t fix crazy

*She’s a Whack-a-doodle

*She’s so whack, her first name should be Paddy…no offense meant towards Paddy O’B.

*Harrison took great care of us…#Critical wanted for nothing

*I gave up beer for lent…Happily, I don’t drink beer.

*I’m not a pretentious guy, but I have a hard time talking to a pencil salesman

*DWTS…widow episode.  #DWTSWE

* #hookingup

* # rootboost; #stop; #perfectday #ventelation #criticaldiscussionweekend

* Are we trending yet?  Only among ourselves. That’s all that matters

best friends judge


best friends


Song of the Week…Happy by Pharrell Williams… in honor of Critical dancing to him during SNL.  Where was the video camera???


May everyone be as blessed as I to have the wonderful friends that I do… #embarrassmentofriches

Best. Weekend. Ever!!  Critical Friends rule!.  #criticalfriends

Happy upcoming birthday Beth O’B!  Love and miss ya!!

Beth, Bruce, Kev, Terry.jpg revised


It appears I missed National Sibling Day?  Hmmm…thankfully, I have a blog to make up for this…And Happy upcoming Birthday, to my brother, Luke!

Kownicks.jpg Rendi

Cheers..and I’m just about over this #hashtag phase.  #thankfully :)



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Spot On…All about Animal Prints

3 Apr



It’s a jungle out there. Seriously, the animal print trend is as strong as ever. Animal prints, are a neutral palette that can be paired with just about anything (Huffington Post).

Animal prints seem to be all the rage.  They never truly go out of style, but do seem to be roaring back (pun intended).  I love, love, love wearing animal prints…I also love to carry an animal print handbag, or wear an animal print watch, or earrings.  An animal print scarf is an easy way to pop some animal magnetism into your wardrobe.  At the end of the blog are some of my favorite looks…This blog is for my friend Connie, who prefers my blogs when they’re chock-full of pictures of clothes…And also to my very dear friend, Kathy P, who has always rocked anything Cheetah or Leopard…and whom I believe coined the phrase…Cheetah is the new black!



The following article was found on Creativefashionglee.com (link at end of blog).

Animal print never goes out of fashion. In fact, every season and every year, people parrot, “Animal print is on trend!” But it’s the same print. If there’s anything new, it’s purely a matter of interpretation.

The question isn’t about “should you” or “should you not” own an animal print. Every fashionista must own at least a piece of this print be it a dress, a top, a pair of shoes, a scarf or a bag. The question therefore is – how do you make it right?

Don’t match animal print if it’s large

Matching colors and prints is very common in styling. However, not only does going too matchy creates a trying hard kind’a obsolete way of styling, it’s considered a big NAY when it comes to animal prints.

Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild. For instance, if your top is a leopard/tiger/zebra print, let the tights/skirt/pants be non-animal. If it’s your dress that has the print, then let your shoes be plain black or nude.

A touch of the same print on your footwear only works when the black, beige or white shade is dominant.

animal print dress

Take one large animal print at a time. Christian Dior 2010

Tone your leopard print down

If your outfit is too wild, tone it down. If you wear an animal print mini dress, you can tone it down by wearing a single-colored-cardigan over your dress in color that blends well with your wild print.

If you wear leopard print tights for example, you can tone down the print by wearing them with knee-length boots in color palette that blends but suppresses the strongest shade of your animal print.

You can also decide for the color of your boots by taking a non-dominant shade from your other accessories. Again, in shades that complement your animal print.

Take a look at Whitney Port’s outfit. If she just toned it down with this Willow casual leather knee boots, she could have saved her fashionista image and avoided some OMG writers from asking, “Is it just us or is it these skinny leopard-print pants?”

animal print tights

Tone down your print

Another way of toning down a large wild is by carrying/wearing accessories that steals attention such as fur purse or fancy scarf. But then, their color should always be complementary.

Only match animal print if it’s accessory

If you feel the urge to go matchy, you can do so on your accessories provided they don’t clash. For example, if you wear leopard printed boots, you can take a tiny purse in leopard print.

If your tiger bag is with considerable size, you can take a pair of tiger print stilettos. But hopefully, your long scarf is no longer a leopard/tiger and your head gear does not scream jungle. The key here is getting minimal.

animal print accessories

It’s safe to match the accessories. Christian Dior 2010

Animal Print?  Stay single

I don’t mean that you girls should stop searching for the man of your life [yes, he is being searched for not unless you already found him] and just stay single.

But what I do mean is that you would never go wrong if you take only a single item of animal print, either for your top, bag, shoes or scarf, while the rest of your outfit is entirely neutrals.

I’m not certain though, if this would also work if everything in your outfit is brown – if that won’t make you look like a walking dead trunk? But give me a benefit of the doubt. You can actually go for a pink leopard bag for an all brown outfit. Let me know how it goes.
animal print single

When in doubt, stay single

Try D&G Style

If you want to be effectively daring, you can try Dolce and Gabbana style. A fitting sleeveless top with low cleavage tucked in a black and white polka dot midi skirt teamed with black booties, is a fabulous look to steal.

A pair of fitting long sleeves top and below the knee pencil cut is otherwise an alternative.

animal print dare

It’s take a lot to bring catwalk off the street

Notice that the top and skirt are matched [right photo] but the prints are of big patterns with light brown as the main shade. Complete the look with a pair of plain black stilettos.

Animal print and color clash

A new way to wear animal print is to team it with bright colors. Now, not everybody has the heart to apply this idea but it´s something worth a try. The key here is to go for only one single vibrant color.

One color that is best to clash against the print, and is certain to stand out, is green. There are many shades. My favorite is emerald-green, but deep green, getaway green or pebbled green are also good. Create a match. Let your shoes be green too.

But shades of pink, red, yellow, orange and pastels work well with leopard print too. Really, you just have to find your color. Think leopard skater mini dress and pink ballet flats. Delicious!

I love this style idea because colors are actually used to steal some attention from the print, a great way to tone it down.

how to wear animal print skirt

photo credit: http://carolinesmode.com

Animal print teamed with another print

So D&G showed us how to pair a tiger print with polka dots, but fashion blogger Arianne did a more daring combination – zebra print with another bold print.

To give the two prints a good contrast, she layered between the two prints a single colored pattern (in the same shade as of the animal print). Also, she opted for light colors for her tights and boots to avoid looking too dark and heavy.

(Link for above article at end of blog)

Jenna Lyons Leopard Quote


Some of my favorite looks in Animal Print

15b1d3df8b2dd2bf5f138461aeaee599 7652bc87d161d0bd77a042e9ef508bef 91514c26e342d232be4163f492082e7a 15e26740da5b685e656361e1de7cc2b2 d4541a6c29f039a4833ef24b60ef81d9 (1) kate spade necklace


s-ANIMAL-PRINT-410x410 4f6b3c20323840ddf6829397060226a3 4757e9cc6725bbd1710a9eb6148710b5 33193bf05ddef864ffbf0661a2c1903a 637545f5987990c81745c04f69e591d6 992d34c1b1c0fa2273d960dba78fa376


5b29fb17a645b282872759c593e80cc4 c2339b60e7508c2a9578cebcb0a3ca01


I just ordered the above shoes.  Steve Madden.



ad78797386570a4a4894172a98700c82 d5ec63c722079b80a1d75f10d00cef99 1dba3431fcac116527c98b73503716a9 61a8cf797b25e67570bfb55f5fa671c8








dd5c0a1fdcb68821afdc52d15caf6384 019c20447ab578f39082a347eb3726739c0aa8c439 01829d5c1df16e98cca0b725ed0f2398c12ed7fd32 014b9e4d9346e6cfbabf34df433a10f38d58f229d2


I had to pop a bit of Lilly into this blog!

a63d1ab6760abe8bef5576e3e10f87cf 4f5caf52d8d0da12596662eebda49c52 f58f100e4bc02ca78c635f857398d29a 5359b3e11c0773e38f9a77c68e4818cd

cecb177f98cf05582d2e2099c17cc5c1 b2f31c3e1ddf405ef603496f829c95a2 4180949832d074a87701586eeb082439

af987a354553026492977e2714552bbf 9afde145abd51c2963740d9f5935605a e69541140ad0656d0d030da8c6ef9299 e424647e91b9d95071652448b81ef593 085401edc8e345848cca4353f4bd5ac3

One note about Animal Prints…if you think they’re not necessarily for you, or you can’t pull it off, remember Less if More!  Feather in a print via a scarf or handbag… And full animal print, head to toe, is rarely a good idea.  #lessismore


Song of the Day:  The Lion Sleeps Tonight, by the Tokens. :)


Happy, Happy Birthday Lora!!!  Best friend ever!!

terry BD with lora 2013

It’s a Critical Discussion Weekend, hence why I’m posting on Thursday, nor Friday…#bringiton #bootswiththefur #criticaldiscussion #veuve.  Can. Not. Wait.  Seriously…Cannot wait!!  Pictures to follow.



Inslee email cheetah

maybe-booze-talking-friendship-ecard-someecards (1)

10174824_249380205248374_631515264_n 1964834_248809971972064_1504044278_n



friends make the world beautiful





Source:  http://creativefashionglee.com/how-to-wear-animal-print/


Unspoken Suit Rules for the Men

31 Mar



MANic Monday!  Here we go again…first full week of work, in weeks…perhaps Months.  :)

Found this gem on buzzfeed, so it’s just perfect for MANic Monday.  Link to article, at end of blog.


1. The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel.

The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel.

It’s all about BALANCE.

2. In general, thin lapels are more modern. Wide lapels are more old-school, Mad Men style.

So choose your look accordingly.

3. A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.

A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn't match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.

Before you go totally conservative, remember that the pocket square is where you get the most freedom and the one place you get to add a little pizzazz to your suit.



4. When buying an off-the-rack suit, the number one thing to check is how the shoulders fit.

When buying an off-the-rack suit, the number one thing to check is how the shoulders fit.

Tsk, tsk, John McCain. Shoulder pads should end at the shoulders. The shoulders are the hardest to tailor, so make sure they don’t stick out or stick up.

5. A collar gap between your jacket’s lapels and your shirt’s collar can signify an ill-fitting jacket.

It’s complicated.  So much, in life is (or so I’ve been told)…don’t make dressing well, become complicated.  Not when you have me.

6. Opt for a charcoal or gray suit over black, unless you’re attending a funeral.

Opt for a charcoal or gray suit over black, unless you're attending a funeral.

Dark gray is more versatile and goes with more colors.


7. Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.

Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.

Union Made makes these belts in a variety of leather and metal finishes.  They’re a big “much” for my taste…but what do I know?  Well, actually, I know quite a bit.  I prefer these belts…Shameless plug, btw.

JH belts


8. You should match your shoes to the color of your suit using this guide:

You should match your shoes to the color of your suit using this guide:

The above is hard to read, so try these 2 to give yourself a better visual.




larger image


You can save these images to your computer, enlarge, and print.

9. Double vents in the back are more modern and fashionable.

This look is also more flattering for larger figures, and it gives you enough room to do that effortlessly casual “hand in pocket” thing.

10. For a more casual, trendy look, opt for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.

For a more casual, trendy look, opt for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.


11. If you’re going for more formal business attire, opt for a double-button, notched lapel jacket.

If you're going for more formal business attire, opt for a double-button, notched lapel jacket.


12. The Savile Row Fold keeps your dress pants from falling off the hanger.



13. You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket such that it feels snug, but with room to move.

You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket such that it feels snug, but with room to move.

David Agbodji for Barneys

14. Always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it.

Always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it.



15. The top button of a two-button (or the middle button of a three-button) should fall at or above the navel.



The top button of a two-button (or the middle button of a three-button) should fall at or above the navel.

16. Always go with the classic windsor knot for your tie, but use the size of your head to determine whether you should go half or full windsor.

Always go with the classic windsor knot for your tie, but use the size of your head to determine whether you should go half or full windsor.

BIG HEAD = FULL KNOT. SMALL HEAD = HALF KNOT. If you’re not sure how your head size compares, ask one of your male friends. They should be able to give you an objective opinion.

17. If you’re wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

If you're wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

But plenty of men break this rule and are still able to pull off the three-piece beautifully.

18. There are practical reasons for vests beyond just how they look.

There are practical reasons for vests beyond just how they look.

A vest is best worn with single-breasted suits (so it’s actually visible). if you’re going to be wearing your suit in a cold climate, a vest can add a lot of warmth. It also adds a formal touch to your suit.

I’d like to go on record…I am NOT a fan of men wearing vests. 

19. Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.

Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.

For a harmonious look, try to match the visible cuff length to the amount of collar that is visible at the back of the neck.


20. When you get your suit home, you’ll need a seam ripper or a small, sharp pair of scissors.

When you get your suit home, you'll need a seam ripper or a small, sharp pair of scissors.

Unstitch the jacket’s pockets, remove the tack stitches from the jacket’s vents, and remove the little embroidered label from the jacket’s left sleeve. Do this very carefully to ensure you don’t actually rip the fabric or neighboring threads.

21. Make sure that your socks are long enough that there’s no exposed leg when sitting down.

Make sure that your socks are long enough that there's no exposed leg when sitting down.

No one needs to see your hairy gams.  And no need to wear these striped socks. ;)

22. Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.

Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.


23. The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt.

The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt.


24. Your tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers, or be slightly shorter.

Your tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers, or be slightly shorter.



25. For a more fashion-forward look, the pant hem should hit right at the top of your shoe.

For a more fashion-forward look, the pant hem should hit right at the top of your shoe.

For a more conservative look, the pants should cover the top of the shoe and parts of the laces.


26. If you sweat a lot, wear an undershirt.

If you sweat a lot, wear an undershirt.

Preferably one with a deep neck so it doesn’t peek through. Nothing will cheapen the appearance of a suit more than a glimpse of undershirt.  Also, the “muscle-tee”, should be left to the gym, not underneath your dress shirt.  My opinion, btw.

27. Finally, go for the dimple.

Finally, go for the dimple.

The dimple is the little hollow beneath the knot of your tie, and it gives a slightly disheveled yet polished appearance to your finished look.

The below look does not have a dimple…but it still looks great.


Such a fun week ahead…and a Critical Weekend!!  Can’t wait!

Song of the Week…Peace of Mind, by Boston…and a shout out to my 2 favorite Bostonians…Cathy and Mark!!

51e98ac7bfd136106f0f8eefc61ecab1 (1)

And that she did!  Peace out!!













Source:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/unspoken-suit-rules-every-man-should-know

50 Healthy Habits…and a bit O’Spring Break relived.

28 Mar

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Coming off a wonderful Spring Break (and don’t worry Shannon, I won’t boast about the weather, view, food, libations, company…;)) and definitely need to get “back on the wagon”, or back on track…so I need these refreshers myself!

50 habits


Song of the Day…Never gonna give you up, by Rick Astley.  Is it just me, or does it Totally look like he’s lip syncing?! ;)


My favorite pic from spring break…me and Paddy, having a fabulous dinner, at our very favorite resort, ever…Resort at Pelican Hill…OMG…I cannot say enough great things about it.  So, I’ll just stop here.  You are welcome, Shannon! ;)



My favorite “Terryism” from spring break

Arriving at Hertz rental car Gold area.

HERTZ:  Mrs. O’Brien, we have a Dodge Caravan for you.

Terry:  I don’t think so.

Here’s Patrick in front of the car we drove off with…a Mercedes E350.  As my brother, Mark, the mayor said, I should have said, “Clearly, you don’t read my blog”.  Clearly, they don’t. But I still got the Mercedes. As my friend Tracy said, “the story of your life”.  Well, yeah, sometimes…:)



My favorite, view, ever, ever, ever!!!

view in laguna


Yes, I touched OJ Simpson’s Heisman… USC had to remove Reggie Bush’s Heisman, but still shows OJ’s.  Hmmm… I touched it anyway…and I’m speaking of The Heisman!

photo (4)

Arriving home, super late at night, and delighted to wake up to this text.  How happy and proud am I of Mer Mer…Where’s the Challenge?  Smart and funny…love that girl!!



And back home, back to reality…re-entry, hasn’t been half bad.  A special shout out, and thank you to 2 great friends, and industry pals, Donna Bongi and Deidre R. , who both came up to me this week to tell me how much they like (let’s say Love) my blog.  So while, I do know I get much more enjoyment out of writing this blog, than anyone can possibly get reading it…I do get Tickled Pink, to know people actually do enjoy, and look forward to reading it!

And speaking of Tickled Pink…thinking this Kate Spade watch, with Tickled Pink inscribed inside, has my name, All over it… (Mer get with Dad, ASAP!)


Happy Birthday weekend, to my beautiful sister, Megan!









1549e7be277ce14daeb9b3c7874399b7 retire

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do?

21 Mar


You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do?  You should go do them…And that includes me!  Life is short.  Chase your dreams!  Can. Not. Wait!!


Song of the Day:  Too late to turn back now, by Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose.  Such a catchy tune!




Hooray, it's today






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