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Summer Hours

9 Jun

I’m on summer blogging hours, hence why no blog today.  Received 7 inquiries about that.  No, I am not trapped under something heavy, nor am I sick.  Just plotting to make this the Best. Summer. Ever.  First on deck, the race track with my favorite guy!

I’m guessing he will not be wearing his cap and gown to the track.  But you never know!  Speaking of my Sonny Bunny, nothing brought me more delight this morning, than coming home to him watching You’ve Got Mail.

152 people who thinks he looks like Clark Gable

152 people who thinks he looks like a Clark bar

Next week’s blog:  My summer reading list!

Best. Summer. Ever.



The Daily Happiness Checklist

2 Jun

Because you can never have too much happy…Even when you want to punch someone in the face.  Twice. 🙂

Happy Graduation, Barrington High School…and my pals Alexandra, Sarika, Clare and Nick.  Go out and conquer the world.  I will be here watching! ❤

Have a Fabulous Friday!!



Rain Rain, Go Away…

24 May

When you pull up the Weather App, and knowing you’re looking at the start of the Best. Summer. Ever. and you see this.


It’s all about your perspective!  If you don’t like what you see, change the way you see it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!



Rules for a Tuesday

23 May

Rules for a Tuesday.  Or any day, really.  You may also wear pink lipstick. 😉

Have a happy day!




17 May

Make it a great one!



Live Life Like Lilly

28 Apr

Because I’m supposed to be on a trip with one of my all-time favorite people to Palm Beach…but #GirlsTrip2017 kicked me to the ground #Heatstroke #ReallyReallyBadHeatStroke, so I’m on bed-rest and not Palm Beaching… Here’s to All Things Lilly Pulitzer..or Living life like Lilly Pulitzer.

On Wednesdays we wear Pink.



Even when you’re sick.

You cannot be sad or in a bad mood while wearing or thinking like Lilly Pulitzer.  That includes while on bed-rest. In the meanwhile, always remember to:

  1. Wear sunscreen, including on your lips
  2. Drink plenty of water (bottled water if in Mexico)
  3. Monitor your time in the sun
  4. Live life like Lilly

This was before all hell broke loose. 😉




Life Coach

10 Mar

I’ve taken a lot of ribbing over the years about being a “so-called” Life Coach.  Mainly due to my blog, Jay Cutler Needs a Life Coach.  I still believe Jay needs a Life Coach, but he’s way beyond any help I could possibly offer…if I were to be asked, which I have not, btw.  Sad, but true.  I’ve also had friends say, and I quote, “If you are someone’s Life Coach, you sure as hell better make sure your own life is in order”.  Yes, this was said to me, with total love, though it does sound rather harsh.  And for the record, as I have indicated in the past, no my life is not “in order”, but I have a pretty good idea what Jay Cutler should have done to be successful with the Bears…Flipping off fans, standing on the sidelines away from his team mates, not being the leader of his team, etc…you get the point…is not the behavior of a “franchise quarterback” who is looking for success with an NFL team.  You don’t need to be a Life Coach to come to that conclusion.  Just a Bears fan who has season tickets and just came off the worst season in this blogger’s life.  He needed a Life Coach, he didn’t get one, and he’s on his way out of Chicago.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🙂

(Disclaimer…I penned this blog Thur AM, hours before Jay Cutler was released.  #Karma.  I’m sure Jay is now saying, “Terry can kick Mike Glennon around now.  Good luck with that, Mike”. Yeah, good luck with that, Mike). 🙂

Imagine my absolute delight, when my friend, Shelagh sent me this and said, “This reminds me of you”…



True!  There…Now I’m your Life Coach.

Have a fabulous Friday!!